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Cali Estes : ” My clients ask me all the time, how do I find a treatment center that is not a scam or on a rip off report? “

Cali Estes: ” My clients ask me all the time, how do I find a treatment center that is not a scam or on a rip-off report? There is so much misleading and false information out there and simply clients that are not happy.  How do I know what treatment centers are not a fraud?”

That is a tough question to answer, how does one read through the truth and the con?  How does one know unless you have actually been there and seen it?

Well, it seems we have to rely on what is being done by the FBI Investigative bodies to know where to refer these days.  That being said, the same goes for interventionists, therapists, and others. How do you know the interventionist won’t take your money and not provide services?  We work with addicts all the time, angry, unhappy, and frustrated. We work with clients that may pay and then charge it back so they can get high.
It is a rough, rough industry. For those of us that are making a difference and making headway, until then we rely on official FBI reports only; not hearsay from websites that anyone can post anything on.  See below:

NYC Drug Rehab Centers Shut Down For Fraud

Ryan wrote this in Treatment on Monday, November 24, 2014

Fraud, Corruption & Drug Rehab Centers

A string of drug rehab centers in New York has recently been shut down for fraud, according to the New York Post. The drug rehab centers in question are known as the “Freedom Houses.” They are run by an organization called Narco Freedom, which has been charged with perpetrating insurance fraud. According to authorities, the owner of Narco Freedom and his son “funneled tens of millions of dollars” from Medicaid into their own pockets.

The Story of Narco Freedom

How the scheme worked was relatively simple. Addicts — homeless addicts, in particular — were offered room and board in one of eighteen Freedom Houses throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. In return, Alan Brand, the owner of Narco Freedom, allegedly received “kickbacks” for sending the addicts to outpatient drug rehab centers that are funded by Medicaid. It was necessary to place addicts on Medicaid, as it is the primary insurance accepted by free drug rehab centers.

Why Fraud at Drug Rehab Centers is Such a Big Deal

The scheme run by Narco Freedom dates back to at least 2006, according to officials. During this time, addicts were given both facilities and treatment services that were substandard. This and the kickbacks Brand received are why he has been charged with fraud. However, fraud at drug rehab centers isn’t like any other kind of fraud. When someone is defrauded, money is always stolen…but defrauding addicts steals their chance at recovery as well as their money.

The case of the Narco Freedom drug rehab centers is not unusual. Unfortunately, there are plenty of cases like it. There are plenty of instances of corruption and fraud at Florida drug rehab centers. The problem is that most people cannot tell the good, helpful drug rehab centers from the corrupt, fraudulent ones.

This is why a rehab finder such as Drug Treatment Center Finder is so valuable. Our nationwide database isn’t just for you to compare and contrast rehab services, insurance, etc. We also provide on-demand advice for reputable drug rehab centers. We know which are the good ones and which are the bad ones — the ones that will give you recovery and the ones that will steal it from you. We’re always here to connect you with the first and avoid the second.

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