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Cali Estes invited you to her Private Island Retreat

Hi, I’m Cali Estes. 
As a Therapist, Life Coach, and Fitness Guru I have been helping people with their addiction issues for over eighteen years.  My unique blend of several styles of Therapy, Yoga, Life, and Wellness Coaching coupled with forward positive motion allows us to get to the root cause of your addiction quickly and propel you forward in your life and career.
I would like to invite you to my exclusive personal island beachfront retreat for 10 to 15 days of intensive, one on one coaching throughout each day of
your entire stay. I seldom accept more than two guests for the same session.  Relax under the palms on our famous pink sand beaches or enjoy
a little adventure with some snorkeling or sea kayaking.  Our remote location assures you the privacy and security needed for your recovery. 
You can walk for miles without ever seeing another person.                                                                                                                                          
 You’ll rest in your own private cottage furnished in island-chic style.  Every aspect of the property, featured in Coastal Living Magazine, is tastefully
decorated with handmade furniture and original art.
Our rustic-style meals are often prepared over a wood fire and served family-style.
I can assure you of a restful and positive start to recovery.  Our relationship will continue when you return home where your own sober coach will
live and work with you daily as you make progress with your life and goals. Length of stay and sober coaching are tailor-made to your circumstances. 
Let’s talk to discuss details on how I can custom design a personal program for you!
Beautiful & Exciting Amenities Avail.
Massage                           Meditation
Beach Yoga                     Personal training
Personal Chef                 Swimming & Surfing
Cave Exploring               Scuba & Snorkeling
Private Aviation             Day Trips & Hiking
About Cali
Cali has over 15 years of experience working
with drug, alcohol, and food addictions and
holds the following degrees and Certifications:

• Master of Science in Criminal Psychology
• Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
• I.C.A.D.C. – International Certified
Alcohol and Drug Counselor
• C.A.P. – Certified Addictions
• C.P.T. – Certified Personal Trainer
• C.Y.T. – Certified Yoga Teacher
• C.M.T. – Certified in Motivational
• CBT–Certified Cognitive

Behavioral Therapy
• Certified Psychodrama
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  1. What a wonderful, relaxed setting to begin to heal and renew both body and mind. Hope to be in touch with you soon about your inspiring work .