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Cali Estes — Is Outpatient Drug rehab a Scam or a Rip OFF?

Cali Estes — is Outpatient Drug rehab a Scam or a Rip OFF?  Destination Hope weighs in and explains the pros and cons of Outpatient Care. Good information to read and add to your Continuum of Care. Pros and Cons of outpatient care verses inpatient care.


Is Outpatient Drug Treatment a Scam?

Destination Hope Treatment Center

Outpatient drug treatment is not a scam. There are a few reasons why some people believe it to be ineffective and thus some sort of scam promoted to offer to people in lieu of inpatient drug treatment. This is simply not so. Outpatient drug treatment is an effective treatment option for clients with substance abuse and addiction.

Myths about Outpatient Drug Treatment Being Ineffective 

There are a few reasons why some people believe that outpatient drug treatment must not be effective.

  • Clients are able to be out and about in the real world every day.
  • Clients are faced with many triggers during treatment.
  • The relationships formed in the outpatient drug treatment program are sometimes not as strong as with the inpatient drug treatment program.

Why Outpatient Drug Treatment Actually Does Work

scamWhile outpatient drug treatment is structured quite differently from inpatient drug treatment, it is a viable option for clients. Clients are able to go home and into the outside world each day, leading their regular lives. They are faced with many triggers that simply do not exist inside of inpatient drug treatment programs. These are increased challenges but they do not have to disrupt treatment.

For example, one benefit of the outpatient drug treatment program is that clients are already able to apply what they learn and achieve on a daily basis in their everyday lives. They are already exposed to their home and work environments and may get to work on removing serious triggers from their lives (such as friends who use or visiting places they typically use) and immediately begin to manage stress for health and stability in recovery.

As far as relationships among clients in rehabilitation programs, it’s only natural that the bonds probably won’t be as close as the clients who live for a specified amount of time in the inpatient program together. However, the importance of these relationships are still established and worked on and clients still have the opportunity to bond through various program activities such as support group meetings and group therapy.

Clients undergo the same effective treatment methods in the outpatient drug treatment program as clients in the inpatient drug treatment program. These tried and true methods include psychotherapy, support group meetings, relapse prevention strategies, lifestyle counseling and others. Psychotherapy is the main treatment method as it works to uncover the underlying causes of the addiction to arm clients with lasting answers, solutions and knowledge that can help them greatly with fighting addiction as well as with other areas in their lives such as their personal relationships.

If you or someone you love is suffering from the effects of alcohol abuse, substance addiction or any other type of addiction, please call us today at 1-877-380-9777.  Our addiction treatment counselors can help you deal with physical, emotional and psychological consequences of drug and alcohol abuse.  A substance abuse treatment program is effective, safe and has helped many men reclaim their lives. Destination Hope is a full service drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment facility in Florida for men suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues.

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