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Can addiction be cured?

Can addiction be cured?

This is probably the biggest question that is currently asked. Everyone wants to know if there is an addiction cure.  There are many pathways to getting and staying sober, but no one size fits all. Some people will need to be totally abstinent and some will use medically assisted therapies, like Suboxone, Vivitrol, and methadone. Other people will utilize exercise, nutrition, and wellness to combat the demons of addiction.

You can search google for the question to ‘can addiction be cured’ and you will probably pop up a treatment center claiming that there is a cure to addiction, or a fix or some magic potion to end the craziness. The truth is, there is no cure for addiction.  No one method will work for everyone but one key fact to stopping use for good is tackling brain health issues.

Brain Health is the key to stopping cravings that come with staying sober for a long time. Dopamine and Serotonin are the key transmitters that are the happy chemicals key to mood and mental health balance.  While addressing brain health is important, it will not cure the addiction in the brain. It will make you feel better, less foggy, less moody and of course less likely to relapse.

Therapy and coaching will assist you in handling coping skills, life skills and triggers.  Relapse prevention education and anger management skills along with problem-solving skills will assist you in combating your addiction demons. Utilizing these modalities to get to the root cause of why you use drugs and alcohol to deal with issues and life experiences can be a profound way to solve the causes of the addiction, lessening the actual use of drugs and alcohol.

Right now there is no cure for addiction it is hard work, brain health supports, addressing the root cause of the addiction will assist you in getting into a better headspace, less stress and more enjoyment of life. Solve the problems you can now and learn new ways of living and addiction will as close to cured as you can get.

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