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Can Addiction be Overcome?

Can Addiction be Overcome?

Everyone has been looking for the cure to addiction or overcoming the perils of addiction for decades.  Some have claimed that a shot or a new pill can stop you from craving drugs and alcohol and others have declared that complete abstinence is the only way. Can addiction be overcome? Yes, it can. The question is how you proceed to work on it.

Step 1 is to get to the root cause of the issue. Addiction is not the problem, it is the solution to a problem. Most treatment centers do not treat the cause, they treat the solution. Meaning they get you to admit you have an issue and then focus on the issue (I am an addict) not the underlying cause.  You need a program that addresses the actual cause.  If you know WHY you use drugs and alcohol, and you solve those issues your need to use drugs and alcohol will organically go down.

Step 2 is learning how to be comfortable. There are many ways to solve those underlying issues, since we treat addiction as a coping mechanism, meaning that when you feel uncomfortable you get high or drunk, you need to learn to be comfortable in different situations. Learning new coping skills and life skills are paramount, but addressing the underlying cause using CBT, DBT, EMDR and life coaching is key.  Recovery coaching is one powerful way to focus on goal setting, accountability, and behavioral management.

Step 3 Understanding the new circumstances and applying what you have learned. Whether you are harm reduction or abstinence-based you need to apply the tools you received. There is no one way to get over an addiction, but you do have to make changes in your life. Perception is reality and if you perceive that you can not create a better life than you won’t. Some people use meetings and 12 step, some use yoga and fitness, some go to church, the point being that to overcome an addiction you need to try something different.

Step 4 is moving on to the rest of your life. Some people get stuck in just going to meeting after meeting and never go past the ‘one day at a time’ concept. You need to plan and create goals. Addiction recovery coaches can help you plan 3, 6, 9, 12-month goals and even help you create a vision board to create purpose and passion in your life.

So can addiction be overcome? Yes, it can. With the right help, the right mindset and tackling your demons you can overcome anything.

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