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Can you cure addiction?

Can you ‘cure’ addiction?  That is the age old question, and the ‘medical model’ teaches us that NO you can not cure your disease but you can manage it.

Well what if you do not believe that it is a disease and instead it is a disorder?  A problem, per say, that you are having and can fix? Then if you change your perception, you can change your outcome!

Imagine a world where you are not dependent on drugs and  alcohol  or so consumed with gambling, sex or food that you can not focus and concentrate —- can you imagine that? Probably not because so much of your wold has been focused on those things that you can not wrap your head around the idea that you can exist without them…thats right…without them, or even with then in moderation.

The key to understanding addiction is getting to the ROOT CAUSE of it….people use for different reasons, bordeom is one…to alleviate stress is another…as a reward for a task or goal acheived is another…to mask a traumatic event is a yet another, to hide from the world and don’t forget to simply be around people and get through the daily task of living life on life’s terms.

So how does one fix this ‘disorder’ and how do we stop from spinning out of control?

Easy, we get to the root cause of  the problem, at www.theaddictionscoach.com Cali Estes will figure out quickly what the issue is and assist on solving the issue so it is resolved.

If your loved one has gone to rehab and found therapy not to work, call Cali Estes 786-709 0479 she offers sober coaching, recovery coaching, therapy, life coaching and can get to the root cause of the addiciton, not just hand you a book and say pray to God…its more then that. It is a life change.

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