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Can you get sober with AA/NA?

Interesting question was raised by a client the other day, can I get sober with AA/NA?

So I polled some individuals and here is what the consensus seems to be:

Someone in ‘recovery’ that attends meetings will tell you that u MUST have a sponsor and do 12 step work.

Most therapists in recovery swear by AA/NA…

Most sober coaches and recovery coaches swear by it…

In my opinion, yes you can get sober WITHOUT it. Does it add a tool to the toolbox, yes but using it alone is not advised. The problem is that sponsors are not trained professionals and if something arises, they are not trained to handle it. If you use meetings and 12 step as a GUDE LINE and not as the only way, it may work…remember getting sober is half the battle , staying sober is winning the war.

Cali Estes is a Therapist, Sober coach and life coach in Miami Florida.


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