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Can you quit addiction for good?

The one question that plagues all of my clients is if they can quit ‘for good’ or if they ‘have to quit for good’. The answer is very simple. If what you are doing (drinking, doing drugs, popping pills) has negatively impacted your life (did you lose a job, car house, get a DUI, go to jail, or suffer health concerns) then you might want to end the madness. If you know that you can not drink without snorting cocaine, you need to stop drinking.

Can some addicts have one beer? sure, some can. What I have learned in my 17 year career is that your main drug, your main addiction usually spirals you out of control. It is this one that you need to stop. Usually it lands you in trouble every time.

As a recovery coach, a sober coach, a therapist and an addictions coach I can help@!

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