Sober on Demand® has assembled a world-class team of physicians and Recovery Coaches to offer and unique, custom alternative to tradition rehab and treatment programs. Founders attribute their high rate of success to the tailored, discreet service.
Sober on Demand® Offers Unique Alternative to Traditional Substance Abuse Rehab and Treatment with One-of-a-Kind Private Medical Detox Program Customized to Client Needs and Location

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy confirmed she has assembled a world-class team of substance abuse and addiction recovery experts and they are offering Sober on Demand®, an intensive alternative to standard substance abuse rehab and drug and alcohol treatment to an audience who desperately needs their services.

Explaining this special concierge service and program, Estes said, “Imagine taking one of the nation’s few truly acclaimed addiction treatment centers, pulling out the pieces that work, and literally condensing their 28-day residential and drug rehab program into an express, private and on-demand coaching experience.”

“That’s what we’ve done with our 30-day plus private wrap-around unique experience, in real time in the comfort of a lavish hotel or villa or even where the client is now,” she continued. “We see amazing results.”

The program has clients working with Dr. Cali Estes and a team of experts to get to the root cause of the blocks that are stopping them from achieving recovery success. Whether it is drugs and alcohol, gambling, gaming, or other issues, Dr. Cali and her team help their clientele get to the underlying reasons for the blocks and start placing the place the tools they need to succeed at that area of their life that is holding them hostage.

The news is often highlighting stories of CEO’s that had it all and still couldn’t get the one area of their lives under control, substance abuse. It’s been said that drug and alcohol issues do not discriminate, people of all demographics can fall into addiction, even those seemingly at the top of their game.

The Addictions Coach, Dr. Cali Estes, and her team have helped countless CEO’s, celebrities and sports players get their lives back on track so they don’t lose their career or their status for simple mistakes with 100% confidentiality. Estes has been named “The Female Doctor Drew” by the media. She has worked with some of the top Fortune 500 and 100 executives, celebrities and stars.

“Look at Tiger Woods, it took him years to recover from the public mess in his driveway after taking Ambien and crashing his car. His entire life unraveled in one night,” Estes gave as a high profile example.

She reiterated that the addiction and substance-abuse challenges have no boundaries and can often reveal themselves in a community which has the budget to afford to “party like rock stars.”

The nation’s opioid crisis has not slowed during the pandemic, continuing to increase from the unbelievable 70,000 deaths we saw in 2017. Overdose deaths are now higher than deaths from H.I.V, car crashes, or gun violence at their peaks.

Fox News reported, “For the first time, odds of dying from opioid overdose higher than dying from a car crash.” The story also noted that a new analysis from the National Safety Council says the odds of dying by an accidental opioid overdose have now surpassed the odds of dying in a car accident.

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