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Celebrity Worship Syndrome – Check your social media

Celebrity Worship Syndrome – Check your social media.  

Celebrity worship syndrome

Whom do you know that incessantly poses with a celebrity or follows them around and seems to have little to no life except as dictated by where that celebrity is performing or out and about?  This is Celebrity Worship Syndrome.

This is a very serious obsessive addictive disorder whereby the average or ‘common’ person is obsessed with a celebrity and the intimate details of them. They stalk them and may lie in wait after a concert blocking their tour bus in and refusing to move unless they sign an autograph. They may show up at dinner, the bar or even the home of the celebrity.

They exhibit high levels of worship, extreme empathy, over identification with a celebrity and obsession with a celebrity. Where does this stem from?  It comes from a low level of self esteem, the feeling that one has failed at life or not become a famous celebrity (aka ) the failed musician who follows around other musicians in his 40’s and is the most famous, non famous person in the room. The musician wants so much to belong and be on stage that he knows every riff of every song and may even take a souvenir like the celebrity’s hat or a scarf to wear in real life.

This is stalking and its creepy. These personalities can explode at anytime on anyone when they do no get their ‘fix’ of pretending to be famous, or date someone famous. We are not talking about the 14 year old girl that declares she will marry Justin Bieber, but the 40 or 50 year old woman that posts pictures of her and her crush from 30 years ago, with no possibility of ever dating him.

This is an interesting syndrome and I am beginning to see more of it in my practice, remember check your social media. Do you see any stalker personalities? Stay away. Far away.

Cali Estes is the CEO at The Addictions Coach and can be reached at 786.709.0479, unless you want to stalk her. Then stay away, far away…….

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