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Is My Child Using Drugs?

Is my child using drugs?

Ask The Expert:  “How can I tell if my son is using drugs?  His behavior has changed.   He always wants to argue with me and beg for money, even though I give him over $200 a week.  I asked him to take one of those home drug tests that I bought for $35 at the CVS but he refuses.  I don’t know what to do.  Can you help me?”  — Marilyn J. from Oklahoma

Answer: Cali Estes Says, “I would have him evaluated by a professional that specializes in drug and alcohol issues.  Have him evaluated to rule out any mental health issues and determine if he needs drug and alcohol treatment.  Once you have him evaluated by a professional you can request a urine test.  If it is positive, then we can talk about drug and alcohol treatment.  I would have a full 12 panel test done and request a spice and bath salts test to check for legal drugs that he may be on as well.  Also, I would suggest you sweep his room.  Check drawers, under mattresses, in small areas, look for pills, drugs, alcohol etc.  If you need assistance we can offer an Interventionist or Recovery Coach to assist you with this.  We also offer Family Coaching to get you through the rough patch and assist you with your son.”

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