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Is Your Co-Worker a Heroin Addict? Cali Estes featured in The Street



Cali Estes featured in The Street regarding executives in addiction, how to spot your coworker that is using Opiates, and where to get help. Would you know if your co-worker was using? Read on …

Is Your Co-Worker a Heroin Addict?

Many Americans are switching from opioid pills to injecting heroin as a result of government policy changes.

   The Street

It is an absolute dramatic and startling fact that – over the past five years – a heroin tsunami has washed over middle and upper middle class America. Maybe it’s even your boss who is strung out on heroin. Heroin is going mainstream.

Roll back the calendar 20 years and heroin was seen as an exclusively urban issue, mainly restricted to underclasses. “Traditionally heroin was a poor inner city problem,” said Constance Scharff, director of addiction research at Cliffside Malibu, a self-described luxury drug rehab center. “It never got any attention.” Now, said Scharff, Cliffside is seeing a lot of heroin addiction among its clientele.
But it’s not just the trendy wealthy. Nowadays, said Kenji Oyasu, executive medical director at Brightside Clinic in Northbrook, a Chicago suburb, “You see people you don’t expect to be opium addicts. Middle class white males in suburbia are a big cohort.”
Maybe it is harder to say who isn’t using horse, one of many street names for the drug. “Heroin is a problem, it’s widely used,” said Kristen Morgan, director of admissions at Feinberg Addiction Services, which helps families identify suitable resources for addicted family members.
 “Heroin in the office is rampant,” said addiction coach Cali Estes. “With longer hours and more job duties per employee, we are finding that staff are turning to heroin to get through those days.”
 Worse still: many experts see heroin as a growing problem. “It clearly is on the rise,” said Monte Drenner, an addictions counselor in Florida.
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