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Concierge Addiction Treatment: Top 5 Reasons Clients Hire a Sober Companion  


Concierge Addiction Treatment

Top 5 Reasons Clients Hire a Sober Companion

concierge addiction treatment sober companion

As the heroin epidemic and other drug addictions continue to rise in the US, treatment programs continue to adapt and advance. With many programs stepping away from the traditional “28-Day Inpatient Program.” Many people are hiring something called a sober companion to help them stay sober. Sober OnDemand has plenty of trained and experienced sober companions that specialize in around the clock care. A sober companion is someone who is hired by someone in early recovery to stay with them for an agreed upon amount of time. This can be 1 day – 3 months or longer if needed. The sober companion’s job is to help the client to remain sober. Offering coaching techniques that can help the client to adapt to everyday living sober, from the comfort of their lives. Here are the Top 5 Reason to Hire a Sober Companion.

  1. Around the Clock Care – Sober companions can be hired to spend as much time as needed with the client. Some clients will hire a sober companion to spend 24-hours a day with them, in order to help them remain sober. Sober companions will take them to work, go shopping and to the gym with them, and even family functions. The sober companion will utilize recovery coaching skills to help the client create a life without substance use.
  2. Implement the tools learned from the Recovery Coach or Mental Health Professional – The Sober companion can help the client in real time to begin utilizing their recovery tools in the real-world. The companion will be able to critique the client on a daily basis to help the client begin to practice these coping mechanisms and tools throughout their lives. The client will begin to see the benefits of this quickly as the sober companion eases triggers and cravings by being present and devoted to the client.
  3. Integrated Family Experiences – The sober companion will be present in all parts of the client’s life. The sober companion will become familiar with the family and will be able to utilize their knowledge and experience of the client to best help them remain sober. The sober companion will be able to also facilitate family work, helping the client to address difficult conversations and situations to alleviate some stress from the newly sober client.
  4. Tigger Management in Real-Time – Newly sober persons are usually bombarded with triggers and cravings. A lot of times newly sober people are alone and don’t have the ability to speak about these triggers with someone who can devote sometimes hours to talk them out of using. Sober companions are there to ensure that the client can work through these triggers without using. Sober companions will use their knowledge and training to ensure that the client identifies where the trigger is coming from, and will help to provide tools to prevent the trigger from returning in the future.
  5. Alternative to 12-Step Programs – Let’s face it, not everyone wants to get sober the “AA Way.” Sober companionship can help a client to find recovery outside of the traditional avenue of 12-step recovery. By utilizing new habits and structure, the client is able to create a life of recovery that is not the cookie-cutter way we are so used to seeing in the addiction treatment industry.

Sober companionship is becoming a leading avenue to recovery for many people across the world. Celebrities utilize sober companionship while working, people utilize companionship in the gym, grocery shopping and weddings. Having this concierge addiction treatment service creates space for the client to begin to live a healthy and happy life outside of traditional treatment norms!

Call our elite team to find the Sober companion that is a perfect match for you or your loved one.  We are here to help at 1.800.706.0318 ext 1; or visiting the  Sober on Demand website.

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