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Is Concierge and Private Drug Treatment the Future of Recovery?

The future of substance abuse treatment and the role of private, concierge drug rehab and recovery coaching & sober companions…


Concierge Addiction Treatment Services are The Wave of The Future. If being locked into a traditional 28 day drug and alcohol treatment facility will interfere with your busy lifestyle, we can assist you. Dr. Cali Estes and her team can do for you in 3-7 days what it takes a treatment team 28 days to accomplish. At The Addictions Coach, we can provide a tailored addiction program for your specific needs. Our Program gets to the root cause of the reason why you use drugs, alcohol, gambling, food or sex to fulfill your needs of escape, boredom or to cope with a stressful event or trauma. Using these elements is the solution you have found to cope with the issues you are facing. We get to the bottom of the issues, the root cause, and we solve it.

It’s no longer just about hiring a sober coach or a recovery coach or something like that; now you can hire your very own private drug treatment program!


What does The Addictions Coach provide?

Dr. Cali Estes, of The Addictions Coach is the premier expert for addiction counseling and addiction coaching. The specialties she and her Team treat are: drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction, and anger management services. We can travel to your location (Home, Office, Hotel etc), travel on tour with you, provide services on the movie set, on the football field, on the basketball or baseball court, or in the casino hotel. We have even helped doctors in the ER and Hospital settings. We are discrete and work with you with zero public interference.


What clients do Dr. Estes and her Team work with?

Our clients include: Fortune 500 CEO’s, NFL Players, NBA Players, MLB Players, Actors, Musicians (both on and off Tour), Police Officers, EMT’s, Doctors, Pilots, Writers, Housewives, Business Executives, Private Discerning Individuals that need anonymity and confidentiality by all terms. Your private business remains between you and Dr. Estes and her Team.


How is the Program Different?

We are often faced with variations of one particular question, that question being, “How is recovery or sober coaching different from the traditional drug rehab/treatment center approach, and does it typically garner higher success rates in terms of both, length as well as quality of sobriety?” The fact of the matter is that while traditional addiction treatment approaches can provide wonderful platforms for change, they often times fall short in cases where a more personal or customized approach is warranted. We are able to get to the root cause of the issue that the client is suffering from (what is the cause of the drug use, gambling, food addiction, sex addiction, alcohol addiction) and once we are able to solve for the causes, the addiction will organically go down. Many treatment centers have limited capabilities and staffing and fall short on getting to the root cause of the problem and simply try to offer a band-aid as the solution. Since we are intense and able to work with one client at a time, you can rest assured we will get to the bottom of the issues you are having and begin solving them with you.

Some of the many therapeutic approaches we utilize…

*Motivation vs. Learned Hopelessness

*Reaction vs. Control

*Successful Behavior Change

*Removal of Fear Based Thinking

*Removal of Irrational Thinking

*Impulse Control

*Self Esteem and Body Image

*Reconnect with Family and Loved Ones

*Understanding Homeostasis

*Anger Management

*Identification of Patterns of Addictive Thinking and Behaviors

*Understanding Post-Acute Withdraw both Emotional and Physical

*Drug and Alcohol Addiction

*Food Addiction and Eating Disorders

*Gambling Addiction

*Stress and Anxiety

*Trauma and Grief and Loss

*Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

*Issues with Fame and Performance Anxiety

*Career and Publicity Issues

*Learned Helplessness

*Circle Of influence

*Action Plans/Goal Setting

*Purpose and Passion

*Failure to Launch

*Timeline of Trauma

and more.

So why a custom program?

You are not a number with us. You are a successful human being that has simply lost their way and needs help finding it again. We are here for you, as a team effort to help you make those changes and get moving in the right direction again, to UNPAUSE YOUR LIFE.



“I hired Cali Estes after 3 failed rehab attempts. My manager told me that he was going to cut me from the team if I didn’t get help for my drinking and driving issues. My wife told me I was an embarrassment, but I couldn’t quit. I was losing everything and I was spiraling down fast. Cali came and helped me get my life on track, she met my coach and put a plan into place for me that worked. I am sober and doing well a year later. “ ~ NBA Player

“As a Doctor I can’t go rehab, I would lose my license. I got Cali’s name and number from a friend that works on Wall Street and he used her for the 7 day program. He stopped using cocaine and was doing well and I figured it was time for me to quit too. Cali came and showed me her 7 day program that he used. It was great. I felt amazing by the third day and by day 5 I was ready to tackle the world. I can’t thank her enough. “ ~ Cardiac Surgeon

“I work in a high-profile, high stress environment on Wall Street. I don’t have time to deal with rehab and I am not into the whole meeting thing. I called Cali and she came for 7 days and got my life on track. Her Sober Coach stayed for an additional 3 weeks and I felt great. I kept him on for 6 months to ensure that I was good to go with my cocaine habit and stripper habit. ” ~Wall Street Executive

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