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The Addictions Coach: Sober Companion Program


 Sober Companion

When Dr. Cali Estes created The Addictions Coach brand, she had an idea.  She wanted to offer help and hope to those that needed something “different” than the standard twelve-step meetings. While the twelve-step meetings work for some, there is an increasing number of addicts that need something different. They need a program that thinks “outside the box” and a program that is built specifically for them to some extent. As Dr. Estes was in the building and creating phase for her new company she decided that if she brought the drug and alcohol treatment concept to the client and was able to integrate their recovery into their everyday life instead of asking the recovering addict to drop everything and put their entire life on hold, a life that is already on the verge of imploding, she might have a much better shot at injecting confidence and hope into the daily struggle that the addict is going through.

So, she created Sober on Demand, an alternative to drug and alcohol treatment, and added the sober companion concept right into the addiction treatment process. Since she already had the top sober companions working at The Addictions Coach, it was an easy transition and smooth concept. Dr. Cali Estes created the Sober Companion program where she sends a Nationally Certified Sober Coach and Nationally Certified Sober Companion (bonded and insured), who is handpicked to match up with the struggling addict and his or her strengths and weaknesses. The sober companion goes right to the client’s home, job, hotel, tour bus, or anywhere in life that the addict needs help and guidance to keep them from using drugs and alcohol in a destructive manner.
The Sober Companion program is built to send the certified sober coach and certified sober companion with the client to his or her job when needed and complete any travel that the client requires. The Sober Companion can be sent to company functions when needed, on vacations when needed, or any other function or life event where the threat of relapse is high. Having a Sober Companion with the client at all times gives the client the confidence to relax and focus on getting better emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The Addiction’s Coach brand and now, Sober on Demand have shown incredible success rates with their clients and the Sober Companion program. I strongly suggest that if you are struggling with addiction to the point where you need a Sober Companion in your life to help you stay clean and sober while you focus on rebuilding your life then call Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach at 1-800-706-0318 or visit the website at http://www.theaddictionscoach.com to get all the information you need on hiring a professional Sober Companion today!   Also check out www.soberondemand.com
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