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“Dabbing” – Smoking Hash oil is the new craze. Easy to get, use, and hide. The kids are even putting it in the vape.

“Dabbing” – Smoking Hash oil is the new craze. Easy to get, use, and hide.  The kids are even putting it in the vape.  If you need help call us 1.800.706.0318 www.theaddictionscoach.com

 Hash Oil

Hash oil “high” could be here to stay

By Simone DeAlba – MTN News

BILLINGS – It’s a new drug, showing up more frequently across Billings and Montana; hash oil.
One week ago today, the process of manufacturing “Butane Hash oil” turned dangerous when an explosion rattled a south side neighborhood.

Three men were critically injured, and although it was an isolated incident, it lends to the dangerous nature of Butane Hash Oil.

On the street, the drug is known as “dabs” or “butter.” Lieutenant Brian Korell of the Billings Police Department said Thursday that the substance is revered for its potency.

“The THC gets as high as seventy eighty even ninety percent, so that’s the incentive,” said Korell.

It’s a marijuana extract almost purely THC. In fact, smoking marijuana the traditional way only produces about 20 percent of the THC, a sizeable difference.

“With twenty percent THC you’d get a high for two to four hours, but smoking the dab you could be high all day,” said Korell.

Manufacturing the product is precarious at best. Butane is highly flammable, and one spark has the potential to wreak havoc.

“Even a pilot light you know when your furnace kicks on, someone smoking a cigarette, even something as little as static electricity, someone touching you or anything like that could set it off,” said Korell.

Despite the obvious dangers, dealers are seeing dollar signs.

“There’s quite an incentive you know, who would want to ship or transport marijuana, it’s large, it’s bulky, it smells,” said Korell. “I think we’re going to start seeing where people are going to make hash oil, it’s easily concealable, it doesn’t have the odor.”

A gram of hash oil can be sold for  $50 to $100. The Billings Police Department is preparing for the impact.

“We’re gonna see it imported, exported, transported,” said Korell. “I think we’re on the fringes of some pretty significant issues with this hash oil.”

Korell says to date, there have been three identified has oil explosions in Montana in the past five years. All of those taking place within the past year.

The three men injured in the explosion on the south side remain in critical condition at burn units in Salt Lake City and Denver, charges have not yet been brought forth.


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