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DEA arrested Palm Beach County pharmacist Adam Runsdorf – Copy

Big time illegal drug arrests always make the news, especially when the DEA is involved. When the DEA and a renowned local pharmacist are involved in a drug bust, it makes headlines!

The DEA arrested Palm Beach County pharmacist Adam Runsdorf as he walked on the Woodfield Country Club Golf Course. Runsdorf is the owner of Woodfield Pharmaceuticals and is now accused of trafficking counterfeit and mislabeled medications, money laundering and conspiracy.

The DEA began investigating Runsdorf in May of 2016, after learning that he had partnered with an illegal organization based out of Houston to manufacture and sell counterfeit codeine syrup. The investigation included Runsdorf, the Houston organization, all Runsdorf’s employees and all of his facilities. A federal grand jury in Beaumont, Texas returned the three count indictment charging nine individuals with drug trafficking, money laundering, and conspiracy.

According to the indictment, from April of 2014 until August of 2021, the nine defendants conspired to traffic misbranded and counterfeit codeine syrup. The indictment claims the scheme brought in $52.7 million during that time frame. I guess that will be enough to get them each the best attorney money can buy. You know sometimes it is ok to feel a little sorry for drug traffickers when they get caught and end up dying in prison. Time and time again you see a young person raised in total poverty trying to keep their heads above water getting caught up in drug trafficking. But I really have no sympathy when a trained pharmacist, who knows the depths of opioid addiction, cashes in on many destroyed lives. Especially when the average income of a legal and trained pharmacist is plenty good enough to make ends meet in today’s world. Runsdorf should know better. He definitely knows what a codeine addiction can do to a person and now the universe is going for “pay back”! Greed is what got the best of Runsdorf and greed is an addiction as well! If you or anyone you know is suffering from an opioid addiction, or any other addiction, please contact The Addictions Coach at http://www.theaddictionscoach.com or by calling them at 1-800-706-0318. You can also read the article about the arrest of Adam Runsdorf by clicking on the following link  https://bocanewsnow.com/2022/01/22/dea-agents-nab-adam-runsdorf-on-woodfield-country-club-golf-course/

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