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Did Alcohol and Depression Claim Another STAR?

Vern TroyerOn Saturday we lost another HOLLYWOOD Celebrity, but to his loved ones and those who knew him, something more was lost. Vern Troyer, who was most recognizable by playing Mini Me, died Saturday after his organs began shutting down while he was on life support.

Mr. Troyer had called 911 saying he was depressed and had consumed enormous amounts of alcohol. He was admitted and found to have 3 times the legal limit of alcohol in his body. The medical examiner is rightfully being tight-lipped about the cause of death until the toxicology report comes back, but we may be dealing with an alcohol-induced suicide or an accidental alcohol overdose.

Vern had struggled in the past with substance abuse and depression and this sad story should bring awareness to all who are struggling with addiction and depression. If you are struggling with either of these issues or any addiction, please reach out to us here at www.theaddictionscoach.com or by calling us at 1-800-706-0318.

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