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Did Narcan save Demi Lovato’s Life?

Did Narcan save Demi Lovato’s Life?

Dr. Cali Estes is featured in International Business Times Magazine discussing the controversial benefits of Narcan and how it saved the life of Demi Lovato and also Dr. Cali’s husband, Tim Estes. They discuss this in her best selling book, ‘I Married  a Junkie’.

Narcan Facts: Demi Lovato’s Life Potentially Saved By Anti-Drug Medicine

In many of the reports about singer Demi Lovato being rushed to the hospital for drug overdose, after allegedly being found unconscious at her Hollywood Hills home on Tuesday, the medicine Narcan was mentioned, administered to the artist by one of her friends, which could have potentially saved her life.
What exactly is Narcan, and how is it being used?  Follow the link below to the full article as Dr. Cali Estes explains.
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