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Do you have a Hidden Addiction?

Dr Cali Estes on KTLA talking about shopping addiction

Do you have a Hidden Addiction?

Hidden Addictions: Food, Shopping, and Sex

When you hear that a person is struggling with addiction, you automatically think of alcohol or drugs. The truth is that anything you have to do compulsively or to excess can be an addiction. For example, you may have heard of people becoming addicted to gambling.

Yet, there are three addictions you may not realize unless you have a problem with them. These three hidden addictions are food, shopping, and sex. Let’s examine the three areas and help you to determine if maybe you need help with a secret addiction.



People must eat to survive because food is energy for the body. However, eating can become dangerous. You may have a food addiction if you have cravings, binge eating habits, or even a complete lack of control when it comes to eating.

Everyone craves certain types of food they haven’t had in a long while. Suppose you are craving food when you are full and have already eaten. If the craving is challenging to ignore and becomes obsessive, you could have a food addiction.

Another critical factor in addiction is uncontrollably eating or eating much more than you want to. You may have an issue if you can’t eat food in moderation.

Another crucial factor is if you have started to hide your eating habits from others or maybe you hide extra food in your room. This is usually a sign that you cannot control your food consumption, especially if other people have said anything about your eating.

Finally, suppose you have any health issues due to overeating and still can’t quit. In that case, you need to seek help for your addiction before damaging your body severely.


Shopping addiction occurs when you spend money buying things compulsively to avoid negative feelings or to feel good. Shopping addiction is one that you may have trouble recognizing, especially if your finances allow it. Let’s face it, advertisements are everywhere on your phone and computer, constantly pushing merchandise.

There are some signs that your shopping has gone too far and crossed over into compulsive buying. If you feel a sense of euphoria after you make a purchase, you may have a shopping addiction.

Another big sign is if you have debt due to many purchases. You may buy stuff that you don’t need. Do you feel guilty about spending money after you buy something? Have you shopped when you felt sad, and it made you feel better? If your overspending is causing issues and has become out of control, you may want to seek help.


Sex is a natural human act, but what if it becomes an addiction? Sex addiction can disrupt your life. One sign that you may have a sex addiction is if you continue to have more than one partner. You may not be faithful because you must keep having sex with multiple people to fulfill your urges.

Have you started to miss work or your responsibilities to have sex? Do you spend most of your time thinking about sex or browsing sexual content? Has someone close to you brought up your sex addiction to you, and you told them that you didn’t have a problem or that you don’t want to talk about it with them? If these circumstances resonate with you, you could have a sexual addiction.



Do You Have a Hidden Addiction?

Addiction is not just to alcohol and drugs. You can become addicted to food, shopping, sex, and other behaviors as well. The Addiction Coach offers a unique approach to treating addiction. We have private and concierge options so you can get help discreetly and on your own schedule. If you have any hidden addictions, reach out today at 1-800-706-0318. We can help you make the necessary changes to live a better life.

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