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Does Holistic Addiction Treatment Make A Good Rehab Alternative?

How does a famous rehabilitation psychologist define holistic therapy at her world-renown alternative recovery center?

Dr. Cali Estes is well-known for her holistic drug treatment work with celebrities, entrepreneurs, executives. Her clients are people who prioritize their healthcare and privacy. When they research alternative rehab centers, they conclude that her approach is what they are looking for.

How does Dr. Estes define holistic substance abuse treatment as an effective rehab alternative? In her experience with providing effective holistic addiction treatment, Dr. Estes has witnessed countless successes with clients. In order to succeed, they simply follow her effective drug treatment plan and recovery therapy protocols.

She has found that alternative addiction programs, such as her concierge rehab alternative, are often superior to traditional rehab. It is possible to recover from addiction in the comfort and safety of your own home.

How do I find addiction counseling near me that works?

Fortunately, with advances in technology, Dr. Estes is able to provide her drug rehab alternatives across the country. While she is based in South Florida, her holistic addiction treatment program is available to everyone, no matter where you live.

Teletherapy online makes it possible for a concierge therapist and coach to reach clients at any location. By making that connection, and engaging in holistic therapy sessions, the recovery process begins.

Dr. Estes has been working with substance abuse clients for many years. She has extensive experience of providing online substance abuse treatment and online substance abuse counseling.

Does mindfulness-based sobriety really work?

Learning to be mindful, living in the present moment, is not as easy as it sounds. It takes practice, and one-on-one therapy. With proper help and guidance, sobriety through mindfulness is possible.

Online drug rehab must go beyond the basics of simply recommending that clients attend 12-step meetings. The therapist is responsible for being adept at meeting the client where they are with just the right combination of therapeutic techniques.

When searching online for the best holistic drug addiction treatment programs, you will find that the best programs provide both individual and family counseling. Substance abuse counselors in recovery are often not prepared to provide appropriate individual therapy for addiction.

Dr. Estes, however, has focused her practice of coaching and counseling on customizing her approach to each individual client. Her program of online drug counseling for individuals is unparalleled.

What if I need methadone withdrawal help?

Again, Dr. Estes can help. While there is an important medication component to making methadone withdrawal more tolerable, you will also need effective harm reduction psychotherapy.

Transitioning off of methadone can be a difficult process, but attending alternative addiction recovery programs, such as Dr. Estes’s program can help. Alternatives to drug rehab can be far more effective, particularly concierge addiction recovery programs.

You can overcome methadone dependence with the right help. In order to get started, all you need to do is make a call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Estes.

What about alternative alcohol recovery programs to help me stop drinking or slow down drinking?

Dr. Estes provides one of the best holistic alcohol treatment centers, via telehealth, mental health therapy. She is also able to work with doctors who provide medication assisted treatment. This team protocol is a highly effective approach to alternative alcohol rehab.

It is important to note that Dr. Estes understands the importance of medication for treating addiction and dependence on substances. She often works closely with doctors who prescribe medications, such as naltrexone.

In fact, she is also knowledgeable about alcohol reduction programs, such as The Sinclair Method. You may rest assured that Dr. Estes will provide effective therapy, and also not interfere with your medication regimen.

How does Dr. Estes feel about Suboxone, ZubSolv, Subutex, and other forms of buprenorphine treatment for opioid use disorder?

Opioid addiction is a serious issue in many regions of the United States. Opiate detox centers simply do not work, providing clients with a fast Subutex taper. After clients leave the detox facility, they frequently relapse, going back to opioid use again.

Dr. Estes’s substance abuse treatment approaches include working closely with an experienced Suboxone doctor to provide integrative addiction treatment that works. She understands the importance of long-term Suboxone therapy.

It is possible to attend her rehab online program and work with both Dr. Estes, and a medical or osteopathic physician to get started on your medication assisted treatment program. While Dr. Estes is not generally in favor of the methadone maintenance program, she is very much in favor of buprenorphine treatment for opioid addiction.

How do you define holistic therapy?

Holistic therapy means treating a client, or patient, as a whole person. What does this mean, to treating a person as a whole person?

It means treating the patient with respect, understanding that addiction is a health-related condition, and not a moral failing. Patients should not be called “addicts.” We also must not refer to them as being “clean” or “dirty.” Using proper vocabulary is important.

Holistic treatment also means being open-minded, and willing to work outside the box. Dr. Estes uses a blend of traditional and non-traditional therapies to help her clients.

She also works closely with doctors, and is in favor of medical treatment for addiction. Her holistic rehab center, which is essentially a rehab alternative, provides the best in holistic addiction care.

How is an addiction coach different from an alcohol and substance abuse counselor?

Dr. Estes provides her clients with both counseling and coaching. Traditional psychotherapy often reaches into the past, helping a patient to understand why they became addicted, and how they can overcome their addiction.

Coaching tends to be more focused on the present and future. What can a client do now to make a difference. Coaching encourages positive action to make a difference, helping the client to find success in all areas of their life. Coaching is an important part of Dr. Estes’s alternative addiction recovery programs.

For example, her program of online therapy for alcoholism not only helps the client to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption, it helps them to make many other positive changes. Clients may work towards a better job, better relationship, or even starting a new business, or going back to school to improve their education.

Why does residential treatment not work?

While residential treatment costs tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars monthly, it often fails at keeping clients substance-free for a very long time. All too often, a client graduates from rehab, and then relapses after a few months.

In traditional residential rehab, the substance abuse treatment plan typically involves getting the client involved with a 12-step recovery. For a $30,000, four-week stay, the client learns that they must go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that are free.

Group treatment for substance abuse is another component of traditional rehab. Clients sit in a circle and share their feelings and what it was like to live in active addiction.

This type of treatment center recovery counseling, including moderated group therapy and dual diagnosis group therapy, has not been proven to be very effective. It is uncomfortable, and may even be considered to be a breach of patient privacy. Why do rehabs insist on forcing patients to open up and share their innermost secrets with complete strangers who are fellow rehab clients?

Even the most prestigious rehab programs in the country have high relapse rates. This low rate of success leaves families searching for alternative treatment for drug addiction and alternatives to inpatient rehab.

How does home detox work?

Alternative alcohol rehab centers, such as Dr. Estes’s alcohol program, allow patients to do an at home detox. This means that the medical detox, and therapy, are performed in the comfort of the client’s home. Alternative alcohol rehab at home is possible, and can be highly effective.

Alcohol addiction is difficult to overcome, because quitting cold turkey can lead to dangerous alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol detox must be treated with medical supervision.

Dr. Estes works with doctors who are experienced in providing effective alcohol detox at home. Alternative therapies, such as home alcohol detox, work well, without the unpleasant stay at an inpatient detox center.

Dr. Estes, and her physician colleagues, know how to treat alcoholism without rehab. Home detox is not only possible, it can be performed better than what is possible at a residential drug rehab center.

Is drug detox at home possible?

While there are situations where in-person detoxification is preferable, at-home detox is possible. Alternative drug treatment programs that provide home detox services provide a variety of options.

For example, the patient may communicate, via telemedicine visits, with their coach, counselor, and physician, from the comfort of their home. In other cases, an onsite nurse and sober companion may be preferable.

The detox process and detox program are, in part, dependent on the patient’s condition, and the drug addiction that they are dealing with. Opioid addiction can often be treated at home with appropriate detox medication, such as Suboxone, and opioid withdrawal comfort medications.

On the other hand, crack or crystal meth addiction may present unique difficulties. While the detoxification process for stimulants is safe, without the need for emergency medical monitoring, the patient may find it difficult to stay drug free without the personal presence of support staff.

A sober companion, which is a service Dr. Estes provides, can make all the difference in difficult addiction treatment cases. This includes both drug addiction and other addictions, such as gambling addiction or sex addiction.

Outpatient detox can certainly be performed at home, without the need for inpatient admission. If you are interested in more information on this alternative substance abuse treatment program using detox at home, please contact Dr. Estes.

What other alternative therapy options exist, other than drug detox with Suboxone or naltrexone, and psychotherapy?

Medical therapy is great for addressing drug withdrawal and making drug withdrawal symptoms more tolerable. Coaching and therapy are also highly effective in helping the patient recognize triggers and new ways to cope with addictive thoughts and feelings.

Yet, there are many other alternative therapies to consider. For example, there is sound therapy, binaural beats therapy, neurofeedback for addiction, nutritional therapy, family therapy, occupational therapy, and much more.

Some alternative therapy options have received a bad rap because of their association with the residential rehab industry and medical insurance billing. These include massage therapy, art therapy, and equine therapy (horse therapy). We should not fully discount these alternatives for mental health treatment, even if they have been discounted by rehab whistleblowers.

Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to alternative drug rehab programs and the many therapies available. We may, for example, see yoga listed as a therapeutic option and think that it is just another item on the list. Yet, yoga, and its ability to help patients to free up stored stress from the psoas muscles, and make a personal spiritual connection, is an excellent, and highly effective alternative therapy.

There are also natural detox supplements that can make a huge difference in helping a client to attain success in overcoming an addiction. While attendees of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings may indulge in sugary donuts and coffee, while taking smoking breaks outside, clients of top concierge addiction treatment programs, such as Dr. Estes’s program, are provided with effective neurotransmitter-promoting supplements, and effective exercise programs.

Substance abuse treatment must take a holistic approach, considering brain health, nutrition, physical health, as well as emotional health, mental health, and behavioral health. We did not get started on the road of recovery to spend the rest of our lives calling ourselves “addicts” and “alcoholics.” The goal of recovery is personal success and fulfillment in life.

If I am looking for alcohol addiction counseling near me or drug addiction counseling near me, can I afford a concierge program?

You would be surprised at how affordable concierge treatment rehab alternatives can be. When we compare the cost with traditional rehab, concierge, one-on-one, personalized concierge therapy is a bargain, at a fraction of the price.

You can certainly afford alternative rehab concierge programs, such as those provided by Dr. Estes. If you are looking for an alternative treatment for drug rehab, including an alternative to methadone, or an alternative to inpatient rehab, concierge drug addiction treatment is not only affordable, it allows you to continue living your life freely.

If you don’t have to be locked up in rehab for a month, why submit yourself to that type of treatment facility? Treatment and recovery can be provided in a far more humane manner for many people who struggle to overcome active addiction.

Whether the issue that you face is heroin withdrawal, fentanyl withdrawal, or alcohol withdrawal, or any other type of drug dependence or non-drug addiction, you can count on Dr. Estes to provide the best in addiction treatment. If you are looking for the best in codependent therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or one of many other types of therapy, combined with the latest in evidence-based medical addiction treatment, call Dr. Estes for a consultation.

If you are wondering about how to overcome addiction without rehab, and if it is possible, then you have come to the right place. Now is the time to make the call and get the help you are looking for.

What about non-drug addictions? If I am looking for porn addiction counseling near me, can Dr. Estes help?

In the US, we have focused our attention on substance abuse as the primary form of addiction. Substance abuse and behavioral counselors talk about addiction as if it is all about substance abuse.

The fact is that substance abuse is not the only issue relating to addiction and addiction treatment. Many people are concerned about their growing addiction to social media, gaming, gambling, shopping, food, exercise, work, porn, and sex. Any activity that activates the brain’s reward center is capable of leading to an addiction.

If you are a successful business person, yet you are concerned about a work addiction, Dr. Estes can help. If you find yourself playing video games throughout the night, passing out, after hours of play, Dr. Estes can help with this harmful addiction.

Addictions are harmful to our emotional and mental health. They reduce our ability to enjoy life. Everyone is at risk for developing some form of addiction, and many of us have, and may be in denial of our addictive behavior.

If you are concerned about addiction in any form, and you would like to contact an addiction center that is prepared to help you with any type of addiction, please call Dr. Estes. Addiction is a condition that can sneak up on us when we least expect it. If you are anxious, depressed, or feel that something is not right in your life, and you are engaging in harmful behaviors to self-treat, Dr. Estes has the tools to help you learn to overcome your addictions and enjoy your life to its fullest.

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