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Dr. Cali Estes, #1 Best Selling Author of “I Married A Junkie”, shares an excerpt of her book.

What happens when an addictions counselor climbs the ranks as a celebrity addictions coach and her husband (gasp!) relapses on heroin?  The cycle of addiction can be a powerful force that draws someone in.
Read a chapter below…
“Thanks, guys!” I told the delivery crew from Rent-A-Center as they were loading up the moving blankets and straps into the back of their truck. “Cash fine for the payment?” “Sure, I got your invoice right here Mr. Walker. You have exact change?” asked the driver. I had ordered up an entire living room set, complete with two recliners, an entertainment center, a TV, end tables, lamps, a full-on giant sofa with a pull-out bed. The works. And they only wanted the first month’s rent paid upfront. I cashed them out and as soon as they left the vacant apartment I had commandeered for the afternoon, I started making calls. “Mike? Yeah, it’s me, Tim. The sale is on, let your guys know.” It wasn’t long before pickup trucks and other vehicles started to arrive. Some were dealers I knew well, too well really. And we made deals for the furniture. Cash deals, drug deals, deals for future drug and cash deals.  By the time the sun was setting, all the cars and trucks were gone and so was the rented furniture. In its place was a crap-load of cocaine, with plenty of it already up my nose. Along with a substantial wad of cash and the other future trades I was able to negotiate, I was totally set for a while. And, with plenty of these stupid furniture rental morons out there and all kinds of vacant apartments to pick from, I could keep this sweet scam going indefinitely. I was even getting it to work with jewelry rent-town places. Come on, really? Who rents jewelry to own and doesn’t expect to get ripped off? I’m sure they have insurance for that stuff anyway

What is the meaning of addiction? How do you stop the roller coaster?

Grab a copy of the book here www.imarriedajunkie.com
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