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Dr. Cali Estes: 5 Things Your Soul Wants Your Ego to Know

Dr. Cali Estes:  5 Things Your Soul Wants Your Ego to Know

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Your ego wants you to be that success, drive a fancy car, own that dream home, yacht, and private island to entertain your 100 best friends each weekend….but your soul wants so much more.


5 Things Your Soul Wants You To Know

Steven Bancarz  Spirit Science

excerpt from above article:

When it comes to living life, we spend almost 100% of our time living as an avatar.  We have an ego, a personality, a history, preferences, dislikes, beliefs, opinions, cultural viewpoints, and experiences.  These ingredients comprise our ‘person’ and our worldly sense of self.  But beneath all of these human ingredients lies one which is the foundation of all of them.  Without this ingredient, this avatar would not exist.  This ingredient is the soul.

The soul is timeless, eternal, and infinitely wise.  Our “intuition” is really just our soul whispering into the ear of our person.  You soul is not separate from you, but it will feel separate if you live life operating only from a personal or egoic level of consciousness.  Since the soul is the fountainhead of wisdom of guidance, it is always trying to communicate with us, especially in times where we are experiencing great suffering.

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