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Dr. Cali Estes discusses treating celebrities on The Recovery Executive Podcast.

Nick Jaworski of The Recovery Executive Podcast welcomed Dr. Cali Estes as a guest to discuss working with and treating celebrities with addiction.

Connecting with & Treating Celebrities with Cali Estes

celebritiesCenters are always looking to connect with those who can afford treatment. In this episode, Cali Estes talks with us about her specially designed program and some of her outreach strategies that have made her the go-to addictions coach for many celebrities, CEOs, and other high profile people that value privacy and can afford high-end care. We also briefly discuss the many mistakes admissions and biz dev reps make that are
hurting centers trying to reach these demographics.
Dr. Cali and her elite team offer a unique mobile program called Sober on Demand.  This program is a 3-10+ day alternative to conventional treatment where we come to you!  We will meet you on the field or court, on stage or set, in the boardroom, or wherever you are!  This 100% confidential and customizable program is tailored to the client’s specific set of needs.  The continued success of our clients is our biggest win! They are able to finish the movie, the season, or close that big deal!
Visit Dr. Cali and her team at The Addictions Coach or call 1.800.706.0318
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