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Dr. Cali Estes: Miami Nice. Thanks To Sober Companions

Dr. Cali Estes: Miami Nice. Thanks To Sober Companions

miami skylineMiami Nice: Thanks To Sober Companions

Things are extremely hot in Miami! Located on the Atlantic coast in Southeastern Florida with the most populous metropolis in the Southeastern United States after Washington, D.C. according to the latest US census.  Miami is a leader and major center in culture, media, entertainment, fashion, education, commerce, the arts, finance, and substance-abuse treatment. Known as “America’s Cleanest City” for its recycling programs, air quality, and clean streets,

Miami is also home of “The Extreme Team!” The Addictions Academy and The Addictions Coach.  The Academy trains professional interventionists, addiction recovery coaches, family addiction recovery coaches, anger management practitioners, life coaches, and many other professionals; The Addictions Coach provides professionals for those in need on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis.  These experts are trained by the best in the industry, we know to be the best, you have to be trained by the best!
“Experience is the teacher of all things.” –Julius Caesar

People from all over the country and world send their loved ones to South Florida for substance-abuse treatment, there seems to be a concentration of detoxes, residential-treatment centers, out-patient facilities, sober houses, interventionists, therapists, counselors, coaches, and other recovery professionals all within a centralized area.
The very wealthy, the elite, the glamorous also come from all over the world to Miami.  Numerous high-end restaurants and night clubs have opened with famous chefs and owners. It doesn’t matter if you’re comparing yachts or bank accounts, the competition is fierce in South Florida, they say, down right cut-throat!  The pressure is on to be beautiful, to maintain a certain lifestyle, to entertain and be entertaining; drugs and drinking are everywhere!

It’s no surprise that so many individuals of status end up with substance abuse, alcoholism, and process addictions.  South Florida has created the perfect storm to breed addiction!  We know that c-suite crowd are a special group of people with different needs than regular people.  Elite individuals suffering with addiction problems certainly are going to have special needs that are different from other people’s needs.  When it comes to finding solutions South Florida’s elite will need a special breed of addiction professional.

The “High-powered” crowd’s alpha mentality is the treatment professional’s greatest challenge when trying to help one of these clients.  Experienced, seasoned professional interventionists know that when dealing with these type clients, wealthy executives don’t often hit a bottom in addiction because of their financial ability, power, and political connections.  Wealthy executives and high-powered people are always concerned about perceptions because of the impact it can have on their company and family.  Misguided wealthy CEOs are used to throwing money at problems looking for an easy solution rather than doing the work to solve the problem.

Palm Beach County in particular has a thriving recovery industry that caters to wealthy substance abusers.  Treatment centers range from $8,000 a month on the low-end to over $75,000 a month on the high-end.  Some of the facilities who cater to the elite offer private chefs, massage, acupuncture, private, luxury rooms, Olympic-swimming pools, trainers, steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, art therapy, yoga, expressive arts, free parking, any luxury you can imagine.  The elite expect accommodations that they are used to having and nothing less.

Addiction Coaches, Sober Escorts, Recovery Assistants, Recovery Coaches, Sober Coaches, or Sober Companions, you may have heard these terms before. Whatever you call them, a sober companion or coach is a highly trained, specialized addiction recovery professional who works with their clients on a close, personal basis. These coaches are trained with very specific skill sets, core competencies, and are tried, tested, and proven individuals who offer guidance and support in this client and goal driven field.
Professional-Recovery Coaches or Professional- Sober Companions can have different roles:
Sessions hourly by contract.
Live-in by contract for longer periods of time.
Single event.
Join you for a dinner party, office event, or on the yacht for the day.
Travel by contract.
Stay with you to get you through that difficult meeting, traumatic circumstance, or difficult day.

High-profile people can’t just walk into a twelve-step meeting after changing the world! It makes much more sense to have a recovery coach go to them, protect their privacy, security, and use their expert training and skills to help the person to reach a solution.  The Addictions Coach in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles has Professional Recovery Coaches available 24/7 that can travel, go on tour, on set, or to the person’s home if needed.  Our Recovery Coaches are cross-trained in substance abuse and process addictions.  We have coaches that can live-in with the client and those that meet with the client by the hour or day.  Our Sober Companion services are the constant companions needed in early recovery that set individuals up for success.  Our Nationally Certified experts will help you lay the ground work needed for long-term sobriety. Our sober transportation will make sure you get to your destination safely.  We are Nationally Certified and Fully Insured.
All of The Addictions Coach Staff is in communication with the company’s President and CEO, Dr. Cali Estes, “The Coach to the Stars!”

You are probably thinking, “What can a Sober Companion do for me?”
Assist with coping skills
Assist with Triggers and Stressors
If you choose to go to meetings, a Sober Companion will accompany you and show you the ropes of the ‘program’.
Ensure you show up to events, sober and on time
Assist with Nutrition, Fitness goals
Assist with doctor appointments and other healthcare needs.
Provide solutions for stress and anxiety
Assist with life skills
Assist with budgeting and finances
Assist with job location, moving or apartment location

Should you make the decision to attend inpatient residential treatment, a Recovery Coach or Sober Companion should still be an essential part of your treatment team.  The coach can work with and communicate with the treatment-center staff, and continue assist you when you return home.

The Addictions Coach has the only Mobile Rehab in the country; the rehab comes to you. Unlike traditional rehabilitation centers that convince you that you have a disease that is incurable and you must surrender your will, The Addictions Coach, uses a different approach. Whereas traditional drug and alcohol treatment facilities force you to attend meetings, recite prayers and follow steps, The Addictions Coach tailors the program to fit the client. By realizing that each client is unique and their pattern of addiction is unique with a root cause, coaches are able to address addiction at the core and assist you in making the necessary changes in your life. We can even arrange for you to detox at home or assist you in finding a drug detox or an alcohol detox facility.

The Addictions Coach can help you with:
Drug Addiction
Alcohol Addiction
Sex Addiction
Food Addiction
Gambling Addiction
Stress/Anxiety Disorders
Nutrition Coaching
Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching
Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms

You worked hard to achieve your dreams and goals, you deserve a Sober Companion who will assist you with your recovery on your terms, in your setting, and at your pace.  One-hundred percent confidential.  No need for long-term drug and alcohol treatment centers that force you to sit in groups and listen to everyone talk about drugs and alcohol and their problems. We dedicate our time by only working with you and your unique needs and not stuffing the room full of preying people who want to hear your business. We will come to your location, either partial day or full day, or live-in, and dedicate that time to you only. Private. Discrete. Confidential.
You deserve it. You earned it and it works! Let us help you get your life back on track and continue your success. Contact The Addictions Coach Today, you will be glad that you did!  Call us at 1.800.706.0318

The Premier Addictions Coach, has been featured on NBC Universal News, Entrepreneur, MSN Money, CNBC, CBS Philly, LA Times, and more. Cali Estes or a member of her team be with you exclusively and tailor an approach to your unique and individual needs.
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