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The Addictions Coach is Dr. Cali Estes

Dr. Cali Estes, MCAP, ICADC, MAC, #1 Best Selling Author

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach, is a highly sought-after addiction professional (MCAP, MAC ICADAC), life coach, recovery coach, performance coach and wellness guru that blends talk therapy with positive change to assist her clients in unlocking their true potential. She has been featured in books, magazines, radio, and television for her work in the drug addiction and transformational coaching fields. She works with individuals, drug and alcohol treatment teams, and addiction professionals looking to advance their knowledge base. Her style of addiction coaching is unique, and she is able to get to the root cause of her client’s issues fast. 

Dr. Cali Estes, Recovery Coach
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As seen on CNN, KTLA, CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, People Magazine, Forbes and more.

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Mike tramp

Mike Tramp, Singer White Lion

“I am pleased at the work you have done and proud to call you a friend” 

Dr. Cali Estes was named ‘The Female Dr. Drew’ as well as someone who the Huffington Post has recognized as one of the ‘99 Limit Breaking Disrupter Females’. She’s not just been pushing boundaries; she’s consistently obliterating them, while aiding a spectrum of individuals from top-tier CEOs to renowned musicians, acclaimed actors to visionary women entrepreneurs, in realizing their utmost dreams and objectives. Dr. Cali, known as the ‘Battery Recharger,’ is the transformative force you’ve been seeking to morph aspirations into tangible realities and liberate you from the constraints that tether you. In short: Dr. Cali Estes will help you ignite your passion for embracing a world that’s brimming with unprecedented possibilities.

Ken Seeley

Ken Seeley, A &E Intervention

Dr. Cali Este’s multidimensional approach to addiction coaching and her unique alternative to drug and alcohol treatment aims to uncover the root cause of her client’s addiction, tailoring her tactics based on what works for the individual.

Dr. Estes currently offers concierge addiction services, working one-on-one with clients in private settings—their homes, movie studios, and even on international retreats. She’s offered her unique perspective to national audiences on CNN, NBC, ABC, MSN Money, CNBC, CBS, Fox News, KTLA, Forbes, HBO, LA Times, People Magazine, The Dr. Drew Show and more. Her transformative impact has also been highlighted in publications such as The Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest, Max Sports and Fitness, and more.

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

“Pleasure to have met you and glad for your work in this space” 

Her Signature Programs, notably the Sober on Demand Deep Dive, have become the gold standard in the world of celebrities and executives, thanks to their swift and intensive approach to addressing the core issues head-on. Imagine having the entire spectrum of treatment and coaching brought directly to you when you need it most—whether you’re at home, in the office, a hotel, or a tour bus. Dr. Cali Estes ensures you have access to everything from medical detox to licensed therapists, sober companions, coaches, acupuncture, massage, and even Shaman and Reiki healing. It’s like having a pit crew for your soul, ready to tune up every aspect of your being, right at your doorstep. If you’re looking for profound transformation without the wait, Dr. Estes and her array of services are your fast track to renewal.

Wes Geer of Corn

Wes Geer, guitar player of Korn and Head P.E.

“Pleased to have met you and served on 10,000 Beds Board of Directors with you.”

Dr. Cali Estes isn’t just a collection of impressive titles; she’s a powerhouse of knowledge and experience, holding a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, international certification as a drug and alcohol counselor (ICADC), Master Certified Professional Counselor (MCAP), and Master Addiction Coach Certification (MAC), along with 24 other certifications. She’s also a seasoned personal trainer, yoga instructor, Pilates teacher, and life coach, blending diverse experiences to offer holistic solutions.

Beyond her coaching endeavors, Dr. Cali is also a best-selling author. Her book, I Married A Junkie, unfolds the raw and real journey of her husband from the clutches of heroin addiction to the light of sobriety, all while she was establishing her private practice. Another of her creations, The 7 Keys to Tap into the Wealth Inside You, serves as a beacon, guiding readers to unlock their unique potential and realize their dreams. And for those who prefer a more hands-on approach, her best-selling Recovery Coach Workbook offers a plethora of exercises on addiction coaching and sober coaching, allowing individuals to navigate their way out of addiction independently. If you’re looking for a blend of wisdom, experience, and actionable insights, Dr. Cali Estes is your go-to expert. 

Matt Bradley of Deadliest Catch

Matt Bradley of Deadliest Catch

“Dr. Cali ‘s approach to the addict and the families and her years of experience taught me skill sets I will be able to use for years to come”

Dr. Cali Estes isn’t just shaping minds; she’s revolutionizing the field of addiction studies with The Addictions Academy, the premier online school for addiction studies and certifications. She’s the exclusive provider for core addiction counselor classes and OUD classes, spreading knowledge from Canada to India, and from Florida to Nebraska. Whether it’s a keynote speech in Kansas or securing the largest SAMSHA grant for Alaska to train state responders, she’s the force behind the transformation of addiction education.

Leading a formidable team of over 30 professionals, she has enlightened and certified more than 35,000 individuals across 28 countries, delving into diverse topics like internet addiction, substance abuse, harm reduction, and recovery coaching. Dr. Estes is also the catalyst for elevating practices in addiction treatment centers, enhancing their approach in areas like call center training and ethics training. From training New Jersey’s first responders to enlightening University psychiatry departments, Dr. Cali Estes is the architect of change in the realm of addiction studies and recovery.

Nikki Sixx of Motely Crue

Nikki Sixx of Motely Crue

“Thank you for the work you do and the difference you make”


Cali with Dr. Drew finding hidden beauty in life

Cali with Dr. Drew

“Cali understands addiction”

Now, allow us to welcome you to Sober on Demand, where rehab isn’t a place you go to; it’s an experience that comes to you. It’s the epitome of discretion and personalized care in addiction recovery, designed for those who value their privacy above all. Dr. Cali Estes conceived this program to help high-profile individuals reconstruct their lives away from the prying eyes of the media. Because it’s not just about rehabilitation; it’s about orchestrating a symphony of change, involving every crucial aspect of a client’s life.

It doesn’t just stop at counseling; she brings in a cavalry of support, from medical detox teams to personal trainers, ensuring every step of the journey is fortified. Whether it’s nutrition advice or sober companionship, every element is meticulously curated to facilitate a seamless transition to a life of fulfillment and prosperity. Ensuring that sober on Demand is more than a service, and instead a sanctuary where transformation is not just promised; it’s delivered.

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Vance Johnson, Ret. NFL Bronco #82

“I am proud to have trained under you and call you my Coach!”


Dr. Cali Estes sees beyond the labels, beyond the “addict.” She’s on a mission to rejuvenate not just the body, but the brain, to bring about holistic healing. In collaboration with Dr. Terri Sell, she’s pioneered ProRecoveryRx, a revolutionary supplement line designed to revitalize the mind and body. Working to not only mend, but also enhance and optimize every aspect of one’s being.

This unique concoction is crafted to bolster neurotransmitter support, elevate serotonin and dopamine levels, and even revamp gut health. Nurturing every facet of the individual, and ensuring a balanced and harmonious existence. With Dr. Estes, recovery is not just superficial; it’s profound, it’s transformative, it’s a rebirth.

Peter Distefano of Porno for Pyros/Janes Addiction

Peter Distefano of Porno for Pyros/Janes Addiction

“I am so excited to have been trained by Cali Estes and apply my skills”.

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