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Drug Treatment Aftercare

What do you do with your loved one AFTER treatment? 30 day rehab stays are designed to keep them safe and sober for a short period of time. BUT what about after they come home? NOW what? They probably go back to drinking and taking drugs…but WHY DOES THAT HAPPEN? and HOW DO YOU STOP IT?

I CAN HELP!! I work with the families to understand why and how it occurs and how to deal with the newly sober addict. I offer sober coaching to the families to understand the dynamic and the issues around what occurs in drug treatment and rehab.

I CAN HELP! With the addict that needs QUALITY aftercare on his or terms and from a trained therapist. I offer sober coaching in person, via skype, via phone and in Miami, NYC and LA!!

Call me today!!

Cali Estes

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