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DUI? Posession Charge? Jail Time?

If you are ‘on paper’ and ‘caught a charge’ for a drug related issue: possession, possession with intent, DUI, DWI, etc. you need more then a good attorney. You need a Sober Coach / Therapist to discuss your case with the judge. Crimes involving addiction and drug and alcohol use are viewed as the same a violent crimes committed by real criminals. A drug addict is not a criminal (but can lead to a life of crime if you do not get your addiction under control) but the court views you as one.

Having an attorney is only half the battle..you need to not only get the charges reduced or wiped clean but you need to know how to NOT end up at this road again. That is where I come in. My background in addiction is 18 years strong and I can help you from a different perspective. I can work with you to help you make a better life for yourself. You are not a criminal…you are an addict and there is a big difference.

Let me help you.

Cali 800.706.0318

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