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EAP providers–The Addictions Coach and their work with NBC Universal News

EAP providers–The Addictions Coach and their work with NBC Universal News

Shirley Henderson Colee
Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Certified Addictions Professional in Private Practice

Dear Cali – I was pleased to see an article on this subject. [ 4 Steps To Deal With An Employee’s Substance Abuse Problem.  NBC News article below] The most effective way is to have an Employee Assistance Program and a Drug Free Workplace Program combo. Even small businesses can afford these. They usually cost 2 to 5 dollars per employee per month, and pay for themselves many times over. The EAP personnel will train management on how to identify, deal with, confront, and, hopefully, rehabilitate the drug and/or alcohol abusing employee – or for that matter, any behavioral health issue or workplace issue. EAPs can be stand alone external EAPs, internal EAPs for big companies, or purchased as part of a health insurance plan. They started decades ago in Detroit, when automakers realized the cost to productivity of alcoholism. Their scope has now expanded to any employee problem that impairs productivity. But alcoholism is number one as the problem that costs employers the most in over-use of the health plan, poor attendance and poor work
Shirley Henderson Colee, LMHC, CAP, CEAP –
former Director of EAP programs for The Center For Family Services
(Palm Beach County’s largest external EAP)


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