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Executive Addiction Coaching and Sober Companions

Private and Exclusive Addiction Coaching and Sober Companion Services for Business Executives and VIP’s

Executive Addiction Coaching & Sober Companions CEO's | CFO's | COO's |

Private, Concierge Executive Addiction Coaching and Sober Companions

Extra Support, custom to your needs

You understand how bad publicity and your vices can ruin you, your brand or your company, or even cost you your job.  You need Executive Recovery Coaching. You need Platinum Executive Sober Coaching and our Platinum Sober Companion service. 

You know how important it is to keep personal secrets and demons at bay and not allow the world to view them.  Sometimes it can get tiring struggling with drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, or sex addiction, and try to hide it from the public eye, your family, your company, and the world. Cleaning up DUIs or other negative behaviors takes time, and energy, and if not handled properly, can land you in jail or worse yet, ruin your company, your brand, or your career. If you are tired of running from your demons…we can help.

At the direction of Dr. Cali Estes, we tailor an executive coaching program 100% around your needs, as well as the specifics of your situation. In a sense, it is a concierge & fully mobile drug rehab alternative. Whether you’re at work, traveling, at a hotel, or even at our South Florida retreat, we bring to you a fully customized toolbox of industry professionals, including Recovery Coaches & Life Coaches, Private Therapy, Counseling, and Sober Companions.

Our unique blend of an alternative to drug and alcohol treatment and getting to the root cause of your addiction with no meetings, no groups, and no prying eyes works! Our programs work without the need for you to ever set foot in a drug and alcohol treatment program. 

A coach that specializes in drugs, alcohol, stress, anger management and even major addiction vices like porn, sex, gambling and gaming. The executive recovery coach works mainly with CEO’s or Business executives that have to handle their addictions due to company requirements, requests or simply because it is starting to affect their job performances.
A sober coach that works with executives handles issues like illegal drug use, over drinking of alcohol, ordering escorts, excessive use of porn and any other vices that are causing an executive to lose top performance. A sober coach will even address stress, anxiety and other issues that are holding the executive back from peak performance.
Yes! Business executives need a customized, tailored, and confidential approach to handling their addictions that can put them in the public eye. Understanding the root cause of why the addictions are occurring is the key to overcoming the addictive behaviors.
Hiring an addiction coach that specializes in corporate and executive lifestyles or an interventionist can be the first step in getting your boss help. Approaching your boss directly is not recommended, contacting human resources would be a good first step.

The job of a sober companion is to travel with the client on work functions, at home or stressful events. We offer as little or as much support as you need in real life to stay sober. 

Whether you are a corporate CEO, CFO, COO, board member, or any other role in an organization that necessitates your ongoing availability, while calling for total privacy & discretion concerning your personal issues, The Addictions Coach is here to help!
For 20 years we have remained on the forefront of high-end coaching & addiction treatment alternative services for those in the public eye. Using a team method consisting of some of the nation’s most acclaimed clinicians and recovery & life coaches, we have developed the ability to take the aspects of a prestigious, high-end 28 day drug rehab program and fully customize and mobilize each element. What we do and how we do it is truly specialized and unseen nearly anywhere else.
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Concierge Executive Addiction Coaching & Sober Companions

Certified Addiction Coaches that get results.

Fast and measurable results and goal-driven outcomes. That is what addiction coaching is all about. Something that helps you get to the root cause of the problem and solve it.  Recovery coaches and sober coaches can help you after inpatient treatment, in lieu of treatment, and can be the driving force to change in-between therapy appointments. Sober Companions can provide boots on the ground support.  

A unique component that we can offer is our Signature Sober on Demand services if you need more assistance. We can provide on-site medical detox and deep dive programs instead of a 3o-day inpatient stay at a drug and alcohol treatment facility. We are the propriety owners of a unique supplement line that will actually help heal your brain and get your neurotransmitters firing properly again. Whether you need us for a day, a month, or a year we can be there for you.

Private Executive Addiction Coaching for VIP's


Designed for VIP corporate leaders


Also helping others in the public eye


A fully mobilized drug treatment alternative


Discrete and Confidential


Featuring the best coaches & clinicians


Addressing all life, work, family & substance matters


Private | Exclusive | Customized


Available worldwide

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Executives and those in the public eye

Fast and measurable results and goal-driven outcomes. That is what our concierge Executive Addiction Coaching & Sober Companions provide. We help you get to the root cause of the problem and solve it.  

Customized Life Coaching for Executives

Addiction Recovery & Life Coaches

You are ready to live your best life. We can provide telehealth addiction coaching as needed.

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Executive Sober Companions

We can accompany you at work functions, business travel, at home, hotel or as needed.

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We are pleased to offer a Free Consultation to address your unique needs and concerns and create a plan of action that suites your specific goals. When you’re in need of substance abuse treatment, our exclusive alternative to treatment offers a level of customization and fluidity that is unparalleled.


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