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Executive Burnout

Are you an Executive or a Business Professional that is experiencing Burnout?  You find yourself tired all the time, rushing around but really not getting much done and dreading, simply dreading your work day, you may have Executive Burnout.  You need a break from your daily routine and the grind of the daily schedule. You need more than a latte and a hot tub soak, you need an Executive Coach.  We offer Executive Coaching that will assist you in relieving stress, goal setting and streamlining your activities. We give you, the Executive Professional a place to vent, clear your head and assist you in garnering those tasks that have become daunting. We offer encouragement and assistance and help you trim the fat off your professional and personal life to streamline efficiency in everyday tasks and everyday thinking.     Give us a call at 786.709.0479 because ‘every good coach needs a coach”   http://www.caliestes.com/ and http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com/

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