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Executive Sober Coach You need us!!

Executive Sober Coach
As a Business Executive, CEO, Attorney, Pilot, Business Owner, Philanthropist, or other high profile individual, you know the value of publicity and marketing. You understand how bad publicity can ruin you, your brand or your company. You know how important it is to keep personal secrets and demons at bay and not allow the world to view them. Sometimes it can get tiring struggling with an addiction and trying to hide it from the public eye. Cleaning up DUI‘s or other negative behaviors takes time, energy, and if not handled properly, can land you in jail or worse yet ruin your company, your brand or your career. Tired of running from your demons? We can help.
At The Addictions Coach, we understand how important it is for you to have 100% CONFIDENTIALITY and work on your demons behind closed doors. We clearly understand that going to meetings where you may see a client, an employee or customer is not in the cards for you. We understand that a 28 day stay at a rehab is not going to fit into your busy business lifestyle.
At The Addictions Coach, we know what you need and how fast you need it.  We can help you stop that behavior before you ruin your career and your relationships.  We are 100% CONFIDENTIAL and will assist you in understanding your behaviors and how to get to the root cause of the problem quickly. After a few sessions with Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach, you will begin to notice a change within yourself and the way you view your environment. Your lifestyle will begin to change and your stress will drop along with your addictive tendencies. You will be able to identify your patterns of addictive thinking and move forward towards positive change and produce personal growth.
At The Addictions Coach, we use a different approach. We do not focus on the past and break your spirit down only to build you back up like the traditional medical models and 12 step programs which focus on the things you did wrong and making amends. These types of treatment keep you stuck in the past and spinning your wheels and ultimately end in relapse. At The Addictions Coach, we focus on the future and positive forward change. By using the techniques of empowerment and positive reinforcement, we are able to assist you in gaining control of your life and being successful without the added stress of addiction.  
If you are court ordered to treatment, or arrested for a DUI or possession of a controlled substance (narcotics) the publicly can be an ugly mess that you do not need. The Addictions Coach can work with the court system on your behalf to lessen the blow and allow you to continue in your career.
We offer 24/7 sober coaching, weekly and daily, and individual hour consults. Please see our mobile rehab page for more intensive information.
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