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Train to Help Others Dealing with Failure to Launch Syndrome


The Addictions Coach is the premier place to get help for your Failure-to-Launch child.  Now you can TRAIN to help families who may be dealing with this issue.  The Addictions Academy will teach you about this population and why certain children may be exhibiting these behaviors in our Failure to Launch training program.

failure to launch

The term Failure to Launch Syndrome has surfaced and it describes the teen or early adult (sometimes 30 to 40’s even) that is still living at home, working sporadic jobs (or not working at all), and sometimes hooked on video games or drugs and alcohol. The parents are not sure what to do, but the enabling has gotten out of hand. Some of the parents not only provide lodging and pay their son/daughter’s rent, their car payment and provide spending money but they also come over and clean, cook, and do all the laundry.

In this Failure to Launch Training and Certification class, you will learn how to deal with the clients and their parents.  Our Professional certification and training will teach you how to uncover your client’s hidden talents and create an action plan with them. You will learn how to create and set parental boundaries, expectations, and follow-through. You will learn how to coach, deal with the fear of failure versus fear of success, and how to create purpose and passion for your clients.

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