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I hope ALL parents of teens and young adults read this blog today.
We have a major issue going on down at our border and it’s not what you think. Ok, follow my train of thought here. Do you remember the age old marketing strategy that Marlboro was accused of by marketing “on the down low” with methods that appeal to children? The thought process was to make smoking look “cool” to attract kids. They knew a certain percentage would want to be “cool” as well and start smoking.
My point is that even back then the higher ups at Marlboro knew that getting kids addicted to smoking at an early age meant continuous money flow for years to come. The Mexican cartels are no different with their product, narcotics. They know that the earlier that they get our kids addicted to drugs, the longer that cash flow runs back into their hands. Most kids don’t jump right into cocaine and heroin. They start off by sipping a little alcohol, smoking a little weed, and popping a Xanax or two. Pain pills are also on the rise again among our youth and with these pills lies a huge and deadly problem for our kids and their families.
I am a recovering addict myself. For over 25 years I was addicted to just about everything and my last addiction, Fentanyl, came very close to killing me, so I was obsessed with trying to figure out why the cartels would be putting fentanyl in fake pills. Why would they run the risk of starting a shit storm with the DEA once enough of our kids die from these fake pills? I mean, they smuggle thousands of tons of pure fentanyl a day into our country, so why put it into fake pills?
Then it hit me like a ton of bricks!
Over the passed decade or so, addiction was at an all time high. We are in the midst of an opioid epidemic. So what happens next? Well, addiction awareness and addiction treatment fights back and we start to see addiction rates amongst our people decline. We also see that addiction awareness has a positive affect on our youth. So, much like Rocky and Apollo slugging each other blow for blow, the cartels swing back by creating young addicts with these fake pills. They know most kids won’t try pure fentanyl at first, but they will sure pop a Xanax or two with their friends at a party. They might surely take a Percocet before their high school football game and they might surely take an Adderall to stay up and study for their next exam.
Each of the pills I mentioned are coming over from Mexico with fentanyl in them and our kids are dying from accidental overdoses. I was blown away when I googled “fake pills from Mexico” when I read story after story of teens dying from these pills. One story talked about a 16 year old boy who was taking Adderall to stay awake and study. His mother tells us that she remembers watching him walk upstairs to return to his room to study. Two hours later she found him slumped over his computer dead. Another story tells of a 14 year old boy who came clean and told his mother he was taking Percocet, but that they didn’t feel the same as other Percocet he had experimented with. He handed over what was thought to be his entire stash to his mother and asked her to help him get into rehab. She called a place and was awaiting placement for her son when she found him dead one morning from a fentanyl overdose. He obviously kept a few of his pills and didn’t give them all to his mother.
These horrific stories are just a few of the ones I found online. We need to educate ourselves and then educate our kids.
The cartels aren’t trying to kill our kids, that would be bad for business, but they are sure trying to create YOUNGER ADDICTS to increase the length of time on their cash flow.
So if you are a parent with a child experimenting with pills you need to contact us here at The Addictions Coach immediately. We have the addictions industries best programs to educate and give your loved ones the tools to fight through addiction and live a healthy and clean life. Contact us today at Life Coaching & Recovery Coaches | The Addictions Coach or by calling 1-800-706-0318 ext 1. Call us today and don’t gamble with your life or your loved ones lives another minute.
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