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Finally, A Feel Good Story About Addiction. NHL’s Bobby Ryan Back On The Ice!


Sadly it seems that more and more these blogs and stories about addiction, especially in sports, do not have a happy ending. We read about addicts and pro athletes struggling with addiction, losing everything in life. They lose their income, possessions and relationships. Often the story ends in the death of the addict. It’s no secret that the numbers show that we hear many more horrible stories about addiction and the outcome of it’s victims then we do about those who defeat addiction and bounce back stronger than ever.
Bobby Ryan
So today we are going to tell you one of those feel good addiction stories. This story involves a professional NHL Hockey player named Bobby Ryan. Bobby Ryan played for the Ottawa Senators and nearly lost it all over his addiction to alcohol. Bobby Ryan had a very troubled upbringing. His father was charged with attempted murder for almost beating his mother to death in a drunken rage when he was a small boy. To make matters worse, Bobby’s father jumped bail and moved to California where he and his mother soon joined him and they lived a life on the lam using fake identities. In fact Bobby’s last name “Ryan” was made up by his parents from the movie “Saving Private Ryan”.
His father was ultimately jailed for five years but Ryan claims his rough childhood played no part in his alcoholism. As modest as this seems for him to say it probably is not accurate. As a teen Ryan began drinking and his addiction was in full swing by the time he became a young adult and entered the NHL. After a few incidents involving alcohol, Bobby Ryan asked for help from the NHL’s assistance program. After some time away from the game to get help and get his life back in order Bobby Ryan returned to the ice to a heart warming reception where 13,000 fans chanted “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby”. Not only was he awarded player of the game, he came back to the ice with a vengeance, scoring three goals in what is called a hat trick in hockey.
As of the date of this story he has been completely sober. It is definitely nice to hear this kind of story as opposed to the ones we usually hear. It’s refreshing! That’s why we here at The Addictions Coach offer the most highly-skilled and experienced top nationally certified professional recovery coaches to help professional athletes struggling with addiction or anyone else struggling with addiction. We offer many programs to help those struggling with any addiction from drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, internet or any other addiction. You can contact us through our company website at http://www.theaddictionscoach.com or by calling us 24/7 at 1-800-706-0318. And please click on the following link to read the entire success story of NHL player, Bobby Ryan.


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