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FLYING HIGH AGAIN. Airline Pilot Found Dead of Heroin Overdose


FLYING HIGH AGAIN.  Airline Pilot Found Dead of Heroin Overdose


Are our airline pilots risking hundreds of lives while flying our commercial airliners high on deadly heroin? Are our airlines doing enough to screen and “weed out” those pilots who are risking it all by operating the planes while on fentanyl laced heroin?

One story in particular brings these issues to the forefront and it is extremely heart wrenching but also enraging at the same time. Spirit Airlines is an up and coming airline based out of Ft Lauderdale, Fl. Spirit Air gained popularity a few years ago by being the front-runners of bottom of the line prices and “seat picking”. Hundreds of thousands of people fly Spirit annually and now the heroin epidemic has struck the airline.

Spirit Airline pilot, 34-year-old Brian Hayle and his 36-yr-old wife Courtney were found dead by their young children still in their bed this week. The medical examiner ruled that they both died from a lethal overdose of fentanyl laced heroin. As sad as it first appears that two promising young lives were accidentally taken, it then enraged me that this man was most certainly flying Spirit flights while on this drug.

Anyone in the Addiction Industry will tell you that heroin IS NOT a weekend thing or a “once in a while” thing. Heroin use, or abuse, is a LIFESTYLE!! The physical addiction makes using heroin a day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute maintenance lifestyle. This man was most certainly flying us around the friendly skies high on deadly heroin, risking thousands of lives. So the public must demand that our airlines put into place better screening procedures to prevent this from happening.

Spirit Airlines quickly released a statement saying that their pilots are tested randomly on a higher percentage than the national average for domestic airlines. Spirit also offers professional help to those pilots affected by serious “life challenges”.  I would hope so and I would be curious as to just how much time and effort is being put into making sure the skies are safe by the airlines who occupy those skies.

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