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Food Addiction And Eating Disorder Running Rampant

Eating Disorders and Food Addictions can rear their ugly heads at the Holiday season.  The amount of food at events, the type of food (heavy greasy, sugar foods) and stress will lead one to not only overeat, but can revert into an old habit. The emotional roller coaster that you feel because of the holiday pressures of family gathering, expectations, work pressures, financial issues, and any other triggers can creep into the picture and throw you off your course. So what to do to not “awaken the monster”?
Here are some tips:
1. Eat a small meal of proteins and veggies before your gathering.  Do not go starving to any events . If you are not hungry, you will be less likely to emotionally eat.
2. Get a coach. Have someone on your team to keep you accountable for what you eat, and what you feel while eating.
3. Keep an emotional journal and look for any triggers that might set you in a tailspin.
4. Address your emotional state before you go to any stressful events and be prepared to relax and release.
5. Reward yourself with non food activities.
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