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Food Addictions Coach: Is this the new wave of the future?



Food Addictions Coach: Is this the new wave of the future?

So you have a client that over eats. Or eats too much sugar. Or eats to quell the emotional voices. Or is eating donuts and candy bars to combat the withdrawal of opiates. They call them foodies, or emotional eaters and it can be seen as a problem that can spiral out of control similar to drug and alcohol addiction. How do you handle it? Do you know what to do?

That is why we at The Addictions Academy created Food Addictions Coaching Level I and II. We want to give you the skills to assist clients with Food Addictions issues. Since you can not stop eating and you MUST eat to maintain life, we can train you to handle food issues both emotionally and chemically with your clients.

In Food Addictions Coaching  Level I, we will explain the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships with food,  how to spot a hidden eating disorder, what the difference between dieting and lifestyle choices are and how to deal with all of them as they present in your client.

In our National Food Addictions Coaching Certification, we will  discuss over eating, eating as punishment, addictions to sugar, caffeine, energy drinks and rotating diets.  We will explore the term ‘stuffing’ and how it applies to situations of emotional numbing, similar to drug and alcohol addictions. We will discuss mental health issues and drug and alcohol addiction as it relates to food addiction. We will discuss ways to uncover hidden food addictions and emotional eating issues and how to address them in the realm of addiction.  We will provide coaching forms, contracts and ways of handling food addiction and emotional eating verses eating disorders.

We will provide various ways to teach your clients coping skills, since abstinence from food is not an option. We will address how to handle going to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting where there is no caffeine and no sugar versus going to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting where coffee and doughnuts are served.  We will discuss lifestyle changes and self-esteem. We will explore issues of ‘stuffing” and emotional turmoil and the issues of numbing with food versus drugs and alcohol. Please note this is not a restrictive eating class (we are not going to give diets and suggest eating no flour, sugar etc). We are going to address all Food Addiction issues and ways to use coping skills and mechanisms to reduce stuffing, over eating, under eating, dieting, restricting and using food as a tool to deal with stressors in life.

This national certification is ideal for Therapists, Addiction Coaches, Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers, Weight Loss Consultants,  Health Coaches, Life Coaches: Anyone looking to obtain more clients or add more services and credentials to their resume.

Contracts will be provided. Ways to add Food Addiction Coaching to your practice, how to obtain clients and market yourself will be provided.  Call Today at 1.800.706.0318

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