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Food Addictions Coaching: Orthorexia is the new Buzz Word in Food Addictions

Food Addictions Coaching:
Orthorexia is the new buzz word in food addictions. People are avoiding ‘dirty foods’ to the point of obsession, restricting foods and addiction to raw and unspoiled foods. We are offering a Food Addiction Certification on September 25-26 to assist in helping your clients with their food addictions. We will cover overeating, stress eating, disordered eating and of course, the clean eating craze. Call today to register 1.800.706.0318

Excerpt from Orthorexia: When ‘pure’ eating goes too far, victims’ health, life suffers


Contra Costa Times  September 09, 2014

(MCT) — SAN JOSE, Calif.. – During a recent trip to the Half Moon Bay, Calif., farmers market, Johnny Righini didn’t suffer a panic attack or chastise his mother when she bought nonorganic produce. For Righini, this moment of self-restraint marked another small victory in his struggle to overcome a pathological obsession with eating “pure” foods.

Starting in his early 20s, Righini dedicated himself to vegan and raw food diets, thinking they offered a healthy way to recover from years of anorexia and bulimia. But he took those restrictive diets to extremes, agonizing, for example, over fruits and vegetables losing their “life force” each minute after being picked.

He now says his “twisted thinking” was a symptom of orthorexia, an eating disorder that is increasingly on the radar of health professionals.

Righini didn’t obsess over calorie counts, as he did with anorexia. He pored over ingredient labels – then rejected food with labels as being too “impure.” He found it impossible to eat out at restaurants or other people’s homes or to be around people eating fast food. He even tossed out food his mother brought home from a supermarket.

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