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HOW TO: Get more clients and make MORE MONEY doing what you love.

HOW TO: Get more clients and make MORE money doing what you love.

A lot of therapists, techs and people in recovery want to make more money and be able to assist more people in the field of addictions.  The issue is that they accept insurance and do not know how to make the transition from insurance to cash pay clients.  Sometimes they are even afraid to ask for payment because they feel they do not deserve it.  The concept of ‘in service’ comes into play and the therapist or person in recovery feels that they had free help and now are in debted to society to offer free help.

“If people could make the distinction between business and personal, they would make more money in this industry,” Cali Estes said.  “Personal is service work, you can give free services all the time but free is not going to pay your rent or your car payment.  I believe in charging for services.  You would not go in a restaurant and ask for a free meal, so therapy and recovery coaching and intervention should not be free.  There is no value in free, you need to build value in what you do.  When you build value in your services, you will attract the clients that need your services, can pay for it and are grateful.”

At The Addictions Academy, we can teach you and certify you in Recovery Coaching and Intervention on a National level and you can charge a fee for your services and not only help more people, but also be able to pay your bills. We teach you to build value in what you offer. Call us today at 786.709.0479 to schedule your training.  Next Live course is in Las Vegas, Feb 20-22, 2014.  At Solutions Recovery Inc.

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