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Have you ever tried to describe anxiety to someone who doesn’t suffer from it?



Have you ever tried to describe anxiety to someone who doesn’t suffer from it? I’ll bet there are times in that discussion where the person you are talking to is looking at you like you have three heads. Sometimes it seems next to impossible for someone who doesn’t suffer from anxiety to try to understand it. This is the very reason why people who let their anxiety trigger them into active drug addiction are so hard to diagnose and treat. And then on the flip side, the drug addict themselves, who let anxiety fuel their addiction, seem to stumble through relapse after relapse before their sober coaches are able to help them. Here is how a person suffering from anxiety feels throughout the day.

The day could start with simple anxiety-fueled issues, such as the clothes that they picked to wear just aren’t good enough. Maybe their hair doesn’t look good enough to go to school or work. Then it can gravitate to more extreme anxiety such as having to get up in front of a class and give a speech. Or lead a seminar to live in an auditorium of 500 people. The person or drug addict suffering from anxiety may think that they aren’t good enough to lead a seminar of 500 people or give a speech in college in front of a full classroom. Those are primary examples of minor anxieties.
Now let’s move on to some of the bigger anxiety-filled issues in life. A person suffering from anxiety may never have children because they don’t think they would be a good parent. A person suffering from anxiety may never get married or be involved in a meaningful relationship because the thought of not measuring up brings them full-fledged anxiety. And then there are those that don’t ever go after their goals and dreams in life because the thought of failure brings on full-fledged anxiety. All of these examples of anxiety filled life issues become a hidden trigger for the person suffering from anxiety to use drugs and alcohol to mask the anxiety or to try to medicate themselves from the feelings that anxiety gives them.
So as you can see, it would be really tough for a sober coach to pinpoint the cause of a person using drugs and alcohol if anxiety is the hidden reason. We here at The Addictions Coach specialize in treating addiction that is fueled by anxiety. Our nationally certified recovery coaches and sober coaches are the addiction industry’s best and highly skilled professionals that are here to help you 24 hours a day seven days a week with your addiction and recovery-related issues. You can call us anytime at 1-800-706-0318 or visit The Addictions Coach. Don’t hesitate any longer. Pick up the phone and call us today!
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