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How Addiction Coaching Helps Celebrities and Executives

How Addiction Coaching Helps Celebrities and Executives

The life of a high-profile figure is a lot more strenuous than many people would realize. Now, are there luxuries? Of course, but it isn’t all smooth sailing. Every celebrity and executive is a person too, with vices and weaknesses. There’s a lot at stake if others were to find out, and these are positions with very little room for error. However, what many in this position don’t know is that there is a way to alleviate the load and work on the issue without putting aside important projects and goals. Addiction coaching!

What is Addiction Coaching?

An addictions coach (sometimes referred to as a sober coach or recovery coach) is defined by Sober on Demand as “a person in long-term recovery that is certified, bonded, and insured and is able to help other people find that path to not using drugs and alcohol.” They often work with a strength-based system of recovery that creates an action plan and leads to a more fulfilling life. In other words, they’re an objective and professional source for addicts that can guide them through the recovery process and address any issues with personalized service.

It can also be versatile, too! Some coaches can work weekly, most can work hourly, and there are some who can go as far as providing live-in residential services. This naturally leads to the question – what’s the average experience look like? Well, this is the key benefit to addiction coaching that may put it ahead of even rehab for celebrities and executives.
Addiction coaching can be entirely mobile or virtual if need be. The coaches and staff work around the client’s schedule rather than vice versa. This is fantastic for those on the go and those who don’t have the time to spend at a facility for thirty days or more, which is especially relevant for high-profile individuals.

Relevance to Big Names

So, we know what an addiction coach does, but now comes the ‘why’. Well, as was stated earlier, there’s a lot of pressure on people in higher positions. Stress is the norm for executives. With daunting tasks, responsibilities, and the eyes of an entire company closely watching out for any weakness, it can feel like a sink-or-swim scenario. They have to be able to set an example to follow for those who work with them, they can’t allow their addiction to affect their work or there are broad consequences, and they can’t take thirty days off work, because more often than not there is a chain of people relying on their productivity.

Similarly, with celebrities, there’s the constant feeling of being watched no matter the scenario, but to an even grander extent. Rather than just coworkers, employees, or bosses being the ones to recognize you, there’s a chance that anyone could. Addiction and addiction treatment are taboo, getting help is often treated as an excuse to talk deeply about what should be a personal topic, and there are careers on the line if the bad press gets into the mix. Not only that, but yet again, taking time for oneself isn’t an option. Projects like movies, music, and television shows –are major ventures that cost an astounding amount of money to produce, and delaying them only leads to a loss in revenue for everyone involved.

This is why an addictions coach would make an astounding difference in their lives! Not only is there the luxury of not missing vital work, but there’s also complete privacy. Services like The Addictions Coach or Sober on Demand wear their ability to remain discreet as a badge of honor, and rightfully so. No matter the status, everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable on their recovery journey. For more information, feel free to reach out to The Addictions Coach or  Sober on Demand.

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