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How Addiction Treatment Centers Fail

Addiction treatmentWe have been led to believe that everything we know about traditional inpatient addiction treatment rehab is all “cupcakes and butterflies”. We see commercials on TV of overly sympathetic and emphatic ex addicts trying to convince us to put our entire lives on hold, both personal and professional, while we give them and their facilities thousands of our hard earned dollars only to see ourselves or our loved ones relapse time and time again. And for the less fortunate ones, we see death. So like any other unfortunate issue in life there has to be a reason why these traditional drug treatment programs and facilities are failing recovering addicts on a regular basis. So let’s look at three reasons why inpatient treatment rehabs can and will hinder your addiction recovery and why Sober On Demand through The Addictions Coach is much more effective when dealing with addiction.

Let’s start with:

1. Open Groups of Constant Complaining Accomplish Nothing and Ruin Morale-traditional addiction treatment facilities and programs still run the crowded, open forum type groups that have and encourage complaining about recovery, programs, and sobriety in general. This obsessive negativity and complaining runs deep into these traditional addiction treatment facilities and programs which includes even the staff and those put in place to help addicts succeed. A lot of these open group forums are even used by those with ill intentions to learn how to use other drugs that they may be unfamiliar with. We are all human by nature and when put into big groups it makes negativity easy to spread.  It is how they get paid by your insurance, however, and that is why they herd you to groups like cattle.

2. No Real Individual Therapy-Due to the high amount of inpatient clients and the low number of qualified counselors the traditional inpatient rehab facilities have little to no one-on-one therapy or addiction recovery related self-help time with a qualified addictions recovery coach. Hopeful addicts are basically herded into a room with thirty to forty other addicts to try to get some kind of useful recovery-based knowledge while weeding through the negativity and BS. The Addictions Coach and their Sober on Demand program set you up one-on-one with one of the industry’s top sober coaches exclusive to you, the addict, for the duration of your time with them.

3. No Phone/Laptops While in a Traditional Rehab- the age old idea that an addict must be “cut off” from all ties or human interaction is now being proven to have done more damage than good over the years for many different reasons. It has recently been proven, but always suggested, that it is nearly impossible to truly concentrate on your addiction recovery if you are constantly worried about loved ones, bills and your profession. Cutting a recovering addict off completely from the real world is a recipe for disaster. Not only are you taking away a recovering addict’s ability to pay the bills and put food on the table, but you are also taking away their ability to check on family members and loved ones. Also, taking a recovering addict out of real world scenarios and situations can only lessen their ability to use recovery-related skills and knowledge to defuse a “real-world” drug-related situation. The Addictions Coach and their Sober on Demand program allow the recovering addict to carry on with every day life, while utilizing their one on one recovery-based program.  Their top nationally certified recovery coach is there to walk with them, hand in hand, through every day life, while using their newly learned recovery based skills.  This unique blend of every day life mixed with the most modern cutting edge recovery based methods, has been proven to hold the highest of recovery based success rates among the addictions industry.

So if you yourself are suffering through any addiction or know someone who is, please contact The Addictions Academy and ask about the Sober on Demand program. The Addictions Coach will create a program unique to your addiction, your strengths and your weaknesses, and team you up, one on one, with Dr. Cali Estes for an extensive seven to ten day, recovery-based program followed by an agreed upon time frame with a top certified recovery coach. You can call us at 1-800-706-0318. Contact us TODAY!

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