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How do I become a Life Coach? Check out 3 easy steps!

How do I become a Life Coach? Check out 3 easy steps!

life coach trainingOur Life Coach Training and Life Coach Certification (NCLC) are available to the addictions field as well as people not in the addiction studies industry.  At The Addictions Academy, we specialize in teaching coaching skills to all of our students. Life Coaching is at the forefront of the coaching industry and people are hiring life coaches over therapists for several issues and areas of their lives.

With our Life Coach Certification, you will help clients make progress in all areas of their lives: relationships, health, career, life balance, spirituality, finances, business, school, etc. You will be valued by your clients, and they will love to come and talk with you because you get results.

Life Coach Training. Become a Nationally Certified Life Coach (NCLC).


Professional Value of being a Life Coach

As a life coach, you’ll get to spend your days helping people on a deep, personal, and unique level. You’ll be an instrumental part of helping them find the success and happiness that they’re looking for. You can work from home, from your office, or go to your client’s home or office. You can work via telephone, Skype or in person.

  • How to open your Professional Life Coaching Company
  • How to keep your Professional Life Coaching Company running successfully
  • How to effectively market your Professional Life Coaching Company
  • How to achieve great results for your clients
  • How to coach someone, forms and documents provided for your use.
  • Achieve your own goals, then help others achieve theirs
  • Give help to your clients that they will find truly valuable
  • Make a great living and have the freedom of a good income and flexible hours
  • Gain helpful resources, life-long coaching support and continuing education opportunities
  • Implement our Life Coaching secrets which will put you at the top of your field

The Life Coach Certification with us is via a virtual classroom, not conference calls. We provide all the tools you need to open or expand your life coaching practice. If you want to set your own hours, make a good living and be the best at helping others, we are the Life Coach Training Program for you. If you are a therapist and want to expand your practice and not deal with pesky insurance companies, this class is a must. Life Coaching Training is a key credential to have and an asset to have for clients that would rather see a coach for accountability and motivation, than a therapist to ‘fix them’.

life coach trainingProfessional Life Coaching can be a lucrative and rewarding career for you and if you want to help others achieve their goals and dreams, our National Life Coach Certification will assist you on that path. Life Coach Training with The Addictions Academy will offer you the opportunity to challenge yourself, be creative, challenge your clients, and offer them a valuable service. You can work hourly, daily, intensive or sporadic as you see fit. You can see clients Internationally and on your time. Companies are hiring Life Coaches at a fast rate to assist employees in increasing productivity, decreasing sick days, and handling interpersonal and inter personnel issues, even as a precursor to hiring within the Human Resources team.  Now is the time to get the credentials and start seeing clients.

Call us today at 1.800.706.0318 to register for our 2 day intensive!

– See more at: http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com/therapy-professionals/recovery-courses-and-certifications/life-coach-training/#sthash.jYwQnUdv.dpuf

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