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How do I find a Sober Companion?

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How do I find a Sober Companion?

When most people hear “sober companion”, they often don’t imagine the job itself, but just a friend or acquaintance that would keep another person sober. Is this the same thing? What makes a sober companion so special? What is a sober companion and how many are out there? All this and more will be answered in today’s edition of Ask the Expert with The Addictions Coach!

Sober Companion vs Sober Friends

So, there are two major points to address here: What is a sober coach or companion , and how does it differ from just a friend keeping an eye on you? Well, Sober on Demand (a leading provider of sober companions, sober coaches, and more) defines it as such:

“An individual that has 5 years of sobriety is bonded, insured, and certified. They can live in your residence, and accompany you to events, work, gym, grocery, meetings, outings, and more and help you stay sober as you re-enter your life and the workforce. They can also accompany you as a sober escort to an event like a wedding, business meeting, or short-term event where a high-risk situation like drugs, alcohol, or sex will be present. A sober companion will help you overcome triggers, install coping skills, assist with budget/finance, and daily living duties, and even help with anxiety, depression, mental health issues, and eating disorders. They are not babysitters and will provide as much help or as little as needed”

This is all well and good, but some unfamiliar with the job may still be left with the question “can’t a friend do that?” Technically yes, but it wouldn’t be as effective or reliable. Sober companions are trained, certified, and dead set on one very specific task: keep the client sober and safe. There’s no room for error, risk of budging, or bias on their end.

While a friend may have your best intentions in mind, they, unfortunately, can’t say the same in terms of qualifications. They may be more willing to budge if you asked enough, or they may lose track of the goal, or there’s the social demand inconvenience associated with it. Nobody wants to ruin their friends’ experiences by giving them “guard duty” all night.

To make a long answer short, sober companions are trained in the field and guaranteed to keep you safe, while friends are not. This isn’t meant to be a slight against any potential friend group, and there may bee exceptions, but undeniably the better option of the two for 99% of the population would be a sober companion

How do I find a Sober Companion?

So, we know what sober companion is and why they’re valuable, but where are they? Could I find them at a psychiatrist’s office or a therapy center? Well, the beauty of alternative drug treatment plans is in their revolutionized approaches and modernized ideas. Rather than having to visit a physical location, often it can be as simple as searching “Sober companion” and your location! These are usually individual contractors, and it’s best to do some research before choosing willy-nilly. Be sure that they’re bonded, insured, and certified!

Worst case scenario, there are broader organizations like Sober on Demand and The Addictions Coach that can provide sober companions that are guaranteed to be qualified for the occasion, with even personality tests and matching!

How Do I Know if A Sober Buddy is Right for Me?

Not everyone will need a sober buddy, and I’m sure that’s well known. However, if you or a loved one will be attending a high-risk event or are immediately removed from an inpatient facility, these are scenarios where sober companions are the most useful: Times of high stress and difficulty.

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