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How far will a professional sports franchise go to put a quality player on the field? Even when there were signs of drug abuse and psychosis as far back as the players college days. Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez was showing signs long ago that his drug abuse (PCP) was greatly affecting his mental stability. Enough so that he flew himself out of the New England area to track no nonsense head coach Bill Belichick down during the NFL Combine in Indianapolis this past offseason to tell the coach that “people are trying to kill me”. After this meeting Hernandez was cleared to return to offseason camp and then a few months later was arrested for murder and suspected of being involved in a 2012 double murder. Anyone familiar with the rigorous screening that an NFL player goes through both physically and psychologically knows that it is EXTREMELY unlikely that Mr. Hernandez was not “evaluated” after his meeting with Coach Belichick in Indy. Also, new reports are surfacing that Hernandez had many issues in college at the University of Florida that were passed on to the Patriots before his drafting. Maybe we won’t go as far as to say that the Patriots put a murderer on the field, but it is safe to say that these new facts coming out could possibly “shift” the blame morally.

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