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How Serious is Technology Addiction? Dr. Cali Estes Discusses this Topic on KTLA.


How Serious is Technology Addiction? Dr. Cali Estes Discusses this Topic on KTLA.


Dr. Cali Estes, founder of The Addictions Academy and The Addictions Coach   1-800-706-0318, spent her Spring and Summer months bouncing between Miami and Los Angeles to appear on KTLA to discuss the many different faces of addiction itself and the deadly cycle of addiction.

People are just now starting to realize how the effects of social media play a role in our smartphone addiction. Dr. Estes discussed how families actually used top certified interventionists to help moderate their children’s smartphone usage much like a family drug intervention. Smartphone usage and social media usage ping the brain much like drugs and alcohol and we can become just as addicted to our phones as we can become addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, and gambling to name a few.

This news segment with Dr. Estes and KTLA dives into the topic of cross addiction with smartphones, technology and social media much like cross addiction with heroin, cocaine or alcohol. So we urge you to take a few minutes and watch this very informative video at the link below and watch as Dr. Estes explains how people of all ages are becoming addicted to their smartphones, social media and technology.

Also, if you know anyone who can’t function without their smartphone call us today as we here at The Addictions Coach are the best in the addictions industry in helping those who “can’t put the phone down’. Or maybe it is you yourself who can’t put it down! Whatever the case may be we are here to help! Please watch the following link as we dive right in to smartphone addiction.



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