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How to Become a Sober Companion 

How to Become a Sober Companion.

sober companion Are you a sober companion working in the addiction industry? If so, how much money are you making with your clients? If you’re working for service generally they are charging your client $1500-$2500 per day for your time and probably paying you between $300 and $500 per day. That’s great for them but not so great for you. Getting certified, trained, and educated will increase your pay rate and also your marketability rate to clients.

At The Addictions Academy, we can train you and we also pay the highest in the market for addiction coaching, recovery coaching, and sober companion services if we hire you. Our sober companion classes are offered online by a virtual classroom where you can see the instructor and be interactive.  If time is a constraint for you, you can take the video self-study class and learn in your PJs at your leisure.

How is training for a sober companion certification different at The Addictions Academy?
Firstly, In addition to all of the manuals training and assistance we give you, we also give you 10 weeks of group coaching sessions with a master sober companion and master recovery coach. This will help you become the best sober companion or sober coach you can be. Secondly, we also offer a free 30-day online listing at our directory, the only one of its kind. Thirdly, we align you with two big networking groups to network with people around the globe.  Additionally, we have a job board for potential hire and two affiliate programs for you to make some extra money. We even have a supplement line that will help your clients with their neurotransmitters in damage to their body and that will make you have a higher success rate.

Why should you be certified as a sober companion?  It will set you apart, allow you to get insurance and bonding, and charge a higher fee!

You’re more interested in hourly recovery coaching and Sober coaching and you will see more on what coaches do and how coaches operate. We are also offering the same 250 discounts on the recovery coaching and Sober coaching classes both virtual classroom and self-study. All of the extra items above come with that class as well.

Want more information on our founder, Dr. Cali Estes? Click Here to see her bio at The Addictions Coach.

If you have a loved one who needs help, our team of expert sober companions are ready!  We match the client to the companion and come to you for the duration you need.  Whether you need us for a specific event or to stay 24/7, we have you covered.  Call our elite team at 1.800.706.0318 ext 1

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