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How to Give up Sugar in 7 Simple Steps -Guest Blog from 10 Pound Pledge

How to Give up Sugar in 7 Simple Steps
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Sugar is ​ruining our health​. We all know this, yet we continue to consume copious amounts of the sweet white stuff.
Not only is sugar making us overweight, it is also making us sick, overtired and prematurely old.
There are many problems that sugar can cause that do not surface for many years to come.  The key to beating this is to switch your diet as soon as possible – if you make this one change to your diet, it could be the best thing you could ever do for your health. There are ​many reasons to give up sugar,​ but here are some practical tips to help you put it all into action:
1. Just get rid of it
By removing the temptation, you will be much more likely to stick out the plan. So empty all of the places you keep food, kitchen cupboards, office desk drawers, car, bags, any top secret stashes of chocolate and sweets (yes we know you have it). 

2. Re-stock with healthy alternatives
Replace the food you have thrown away with amazing all-natural substitutes – keep these snacks & fruit on you at all times. If you feel the need to eat some sugar (and the first 7 days will be very hard) you should replace it by eating the natural sugar found in fruit, it will help keep you on top and not let you slip. 

3. It’s going to be hard – don’t pretend it is going to be a breeze
You will need to mentally prepare yourself that it is going to be hard. The effects of giving up sugar will be similar to those of giving up a drug addiction. The first 3-4 days will be the hardest. But if you can make it out to 7 days, you will already be starting to feel the benefits. 

4. Don’t stop eating 
A common mistake made by those who give up sugar is they just don’t eat in the same times they used to. You will need to keep your blood sugar levels up by eating regularly, this will ensure your sugar craving attacks are kept at bay. Keep those healthy snacks and food at hand to keep on top of your sugar desire. 

5. Water is your friend
Drink more water – it’s that simple. When you feel hungry or particularly have a desire for sugar, try having a glass of water. Often our body can confuse thirsty with hunger and by starting with a glass of water you can keep the cravings at bay. 

6. Keep your toothbrush close
This sugar-hack is just brilliant. By brushing your teeth soon after eating dinner, it will fulfil your body’s need to taste something sweet and relinquish those dessert desires. 

7. Remember just how bad sugar can be for you
Having the drive and determination to succeed will make giving up sugar easier, and a great way to keep up the drive is to remind yourself exactly why you are doing it.

Keep reminders of just how bad sugar is for you on your phone, computer desktop and fridge if you have to.

Now it’s your turn – get out there and get your health back and give up sugar for good. Have you already managed to give it up, what was the most challenging part for you?
10 Pound Pledge is an ​ at-home workout program ​ that helps you lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks. It also includes a complete nutrition guide that will change the way you think about how you eat.

Kamila McDonald is a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist from Kingston, Jamaica that struggled with weight loss for many years. At her heaviest, about 190lbs+ while completing her first degree at Stanford University, she made a decision that would change her life forever. She decided to learn about the way the body works, and what causes you to put on weight. That led to her certifications and her sustained and massive weight loss (60+ lbs). That journey was culminated with her winning Miss Jamaica World Beach Beauty in 2009. She took all of that knowledge she learned over those years, and poured it into ​10 Pound Pledge, where we now hear from many customers that the nutrition guide has “changed their lives” and they will never look at food the same again.
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