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How to Lower Anxiety in 4 Steps

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 How to Lower Anxiety in 4 Steps


Anxiety is the new buzzword. In the 1980’s it was depression, followed by the boom of ADD and ADHD and now it is full thrust into anxiety with meds that go along with the diagnosis.  Instead of regulating our lifestyles, we have come to simply ‘slap a band aid on it and move on without actually dealing with the issues relating to the anxiety.  Here are some ways to actually reduce the cause of the anxiety and see lasting results.

Read on: How to Lower Anxiety in 4 Steps

  1. Lower your stress level. Yes, it sounds funny, but it must happen. What is causing you undue stress that (and here is the KEY to unlocking anxiety) you can control. Certain things are simply out of your control, but there are a lot of things that you have in the immediate grasp that you can handle. Make a list. If a certain street in traffic gives you anxiety, you can always take a different road. Maybe you need to leave a few minutes earlier to avoid the traffic or switch the trip up altogether to avoid the stress. You have options and these are things in your control.
  2. Learn to say ‘No”. People that have high anxiety, have a hard time actually saying, ‘No’ and they and up over-promising and under-delivering. Start saying ‘no’ more often. It is imperative that you get self-care and those with high anxiety have trouble permitting themselves downtime because they are so afraid of letting someone else down, but they end up suffering in the end. You are just as important as your family and friends. Remember that.
  3. Create an Anxiety board. Similar to a vision board, an anxiety board is in reverse. Find pictures online or in magazines that represent the things that cause you anxiety and post them on your board. If parties and having to the network makes you anxious, put up a picture of everyone having fun at a party.
  4. Create a weekly schedule and stick to it. Sometimes not having a solid schedule can cause anxiety as you may or may not know where you need to be or what is on the agenda and it can cause undo anxiety. Also if you schedule ‘ME TIME’ on your calendar, when you are asked to do something, you can practice saying ‘no’ because you really do have something booked in that time slot.

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